Speech at EGA 2011 Re: Reforming Plants and Drug Law
Speech at EGA 2011 Re: Reforming Plants and Drug Law

Speech at EGA 2011 Re: Reforming Plants and Drug Law

Ray's Rave!

Fri, 12/09/2011 - 00:00 -- Ray

Ray walks into the room wearing fractal glasses. And then after a bit of silence he says – "Is this really what we have to resort to, to get an altered perspective?”

We are gathered here today, not for a speech, not for a sermon, not for a lecture – because I know we are all here with one common purpose and one common love – and that’s for the love of plants.
As a matter fact, because I was speaking to you my peers and academics, experienced
journeymen and women and realising that so many people also have their own great stories to tell on the marvels of entheogens and how they improved their lives– that I felt a little intimidated. So then I felt I had to study up and even read some further books on the subject – Then the EGA notified me that I only had 35 minutes for my talk?!

So don’t worry, I won’t be lecturing you today as I know I am speaking to the converted. Instead, I’m going to make this an interactive talk because I respect all of your opinions and we can all learn from them too.

I myself have been at the coalface, serving people for nearly 20 years now at festivals, helping customers at the shops etc, so I have a lot of anecdotal stuff on these entheogens and herbs. But what I want to do today is to ignore any of the so-called negative aspects of the entheogens I am going to discuss– because many of these are banned only for
potential abuse or whatever. Forgetting those aspects of the herbs, let’s focus on the positives – the benefits to you and your colleaugues/friends/loved ones.

Let us start

Salvia divinorum – I’ve seen people radically change their lives with salvia. I think this is the shamanic tool, especially for women, for major life decision. You focus on the problem, then smoke or ingest it, and you’ll get the answer. When I was legally able to sell it in my shop – I had a testimonial from someone who used the herb and immediately decided to
quit his job, left his girlfriend and job and moved state – realising he was in a rut, and now happier than ever. Another women who was a healer on the Gold Coast, was in a stressful situation with no home and money, took Salvia, which then directed her to go to America, and she is still there now, living an amazing life.

Cannabis – As my mate Ron said: They can say all they want about cannabis, but I know that the first time I smoked it, I became closer to the tree in my back yard and nature – and I think we can all relate to that. Cannabis is used by a lot of us to escape the untruth of modern living – to help soften the edges and to make us more creative. Many a good book and painting has been written under the influence of cannabis. It can sort out problems, you can use it to focus and write on.

DMT – Wow. Someone who smoked it recently said to me that he hadn’t realised how depressed he was – and how one smoke of DMT changed his life. He is now finally happy and gets up every day excited about the day ahead of him. DMT can be used to iron out your personality faults. One beautiful woman had a whole list that she worked through with DMT and she is now such a beautiful person, who some of you may know – Adrianna. DMT also overcomes your fear of death and fears generally – and that’s how it can improve your life.

Ayuhuasca – similar experience – some find it really really beautiful, some, like me, find it really yuck – with the purging etc, despite the beautiful visions. I really think that you can work with this plant much better by using the smokeable version– you can really direct yourself.

Ephedra – the legendary soma – The fermentation of it adds a special quality that is still to be tested, which unfortunately we can’t do it any more as they’ve banned it! It has cured so many people – some have said that they’ve never had asthma again in their lives. It helps sinus problems, cold and flus. It can even replace party drugs.

Kratom – helps people get off their amphetamine and heroine addictions. I know a guy who went into a HHH shop in America, where he was able to buy Kratom – and was able for the first time, after many attempts at rehabilitation – to quit his addiction and get on with his life. They banned this one too. Adrianna said that just 2 leaves was so good for period pain too.

Kava Kava – for arthritic pain, anxiety. They have also banned this

So what can we do about reforming these laws?
When our little company, Happy High Herbs spent $12,000 to help save our wattle trees and other entheogens, we expected a big public uprising, and there wasn’t. There was no real support. The Australian public are apathetic. If you look at most countries, you can see there is no positive leadership. Everything is in a state of flux; the whole world is heading for change and there’s an answer there.

Now, with mass consciousness, things are slowly starting to change for the better – we are all part of the one – 2012 is a signal for that change. The revolution in politics and financial institutions around the globe is all a part of this emerging change. There is a lack of real leadership in the world because they know too the current systems are not working and we all know that the systems are not working too.

One of the systems that is definitely not working and is dividing and greatly costing society is Drug prohibition. We all know there should be drug law reform – that’s a given.
We all know that there should be plant law reform and decriminilisation of personal use of drugs – with legal prescription of all banned entheogens and even drugs. We all know that’s the answer. So we must move beyond that, as a group. That is becoming known in society, but how long will it take that sensible approach reaches everybody? How hard it is to change the system.

But there is a solution, a positive one – and that is changing the system politically. In Australia right now only one or two independents hold the balance of power. The Greens certainly do – they brought in the carbon tax – and because of that they forced Julia Gillard into changing her stance on the subject. She had to retract statements said earlier because of all the pressure put on her. So, my positive solution is – that we need to start up a political party – with the aims of drug law reform and plant law reform – and work towards that. And then, even if no-one gets elected, it doesn’t matter so much – as long one of the major parties pick it up when they realize that 40% of the rational, wise, thinking population supports Drug and Plant law reform.

To this end, I am committing our little company, HHH, to fund the startup of this party. I would love the EGA as a group to move towards this end. The mechanics of it will have to be worked out, but I am saying I will put my money where my mouth is and we will fund the start-up of this political party. And we will bring this about basically by circulating the message to the people – so it will be us, people power, that will bring the necessary change, through political influence.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen

Ray&;s Post script: After much discussion at the EGA with the pros and cons of forming a political front, HHH has decided instead to fund a full time lobbyist for plant and drug law reform! This campaign commences in January 2012!


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