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& ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS for 2018 and beyond

A VERY EASY FUN and Practical Method for Creating Your Own Success



Did you manage to sit down and write down your "crazy" dream list yet? 

Don't worry - it's okay if you haven't-after all it's your life and under your direction!

It is surprisingly easy to manifest what you REALLY want - go on write out your crazy dream list!

Please note that in step one of the goal setting exercise is all about “crazy" dreaming - that's it!

Someone told me they couldn't come up with five different things in 10 different categories.

I knew straightaway that they were thinking too hard about it.

Writing the dream list is so easy - just let your mind imagine freely - write down whatever pops into your mind.

Please don't auto correct them and don't delete or adjust them at this stage.

Please don't think "Aw that's too silly to write down"

Simply and immediately write everything down that pops into your mind - dream big and just write down all the "crazy" dreams that you can ever have - don't be embarrassed by them - write them ALL down - that is the whole point of this exercise just write all the "crazy" dreams that pop into your mind.

In the first stage it doesn't matter if they are not “yours" - it doesn't matter if they're silly - it doesn't matter even if they're impractical because the later steps sort them out.

The silly ones will be discarded like chaff from the wheat-the real ones will stand out even more. For this is the true art of goal setting and it's easy - incredibly easy

DREAM BIG AND CRAZY and write them down-all of them-there is method in the "madness"



Even if the five steps described below seem too simplistic, try it. It works! I have countless examples of those who followed this process and have succeeded with their dreams. Many of my friends have become millionaires, not only with financial goals, but true success, with personal, spiritual, social and family goals in harmony and life balance.


There is a thinking power from which all things are created, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by that thought.

You can image-in your thought, and can cause what you think about to be created in reality.


In order to do this, you must pass from the acquisitive mind to the CREATIVE mind. You must form a clear mental picture of WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.

And, you must hold THAT picture in your IMAGINATION with the fixed purpose to achieve what you want with an unwavering faith that you will indeed get what you really want------ staying positive, overcoming obstacles and believing what you IMAGE-IN (imagine) is real.


For you to receive what you really want when the opportunity comes, you must ACT with the people and things in your present life and work towards your goal.


Here is the essential secret of success:

By thought, what you really want is brought to your consciousness. 

Through action, this thought becomes a reality.


All you have to do is know what you really want and act towards success 


What is success? It is the progressive realisation of personal worthy goals. 

My greatest pleasure is to assist others in achieving success, ie achieving their goals.


So, what is a goal? It's nothing but a dream... However it is a dream with a time frame!


If you want to achieve success and manifest your dreams into reality, you need to turn them into goals first. Now is the time for fresh goals to be written up and focused on, as this is one of the secrets of success – 

Do it Now! Perhaps that affirmation needs to be a goal too!?


The strangest secret of success is that you become what you visualise yourself to be. This is only true if your visualisation is really your truth. You can visualise all you want, but if that picture isn't really what you want, it probably will not come true for you.

So the first step in goal-setting is discovering what you really want. Yes, what YOU really want!


There are five simple steps you can use to discover what it is that you really want so that you can then make it happen. The best way to discover this is to imagine all the dreams you have for yourself.


Step One


Write up a crazy dream list, maybe 100 or more dreams that you have imagined or can imagine for yourself, no matter how ridiculous or how impossible. It's not important what you are writing down , it is just a part of the process -opening up to your imagination to find out what you really want.


Draw up headings under:




4-Family Social 



7- Mental 


9-Your Environment 

10-Material possessions 

11-Travel dreams


13-Hobbies etc...


List 5 to 10 of these 'Dreams' (they are not goals yet) under these sub-headings. Don't question their validity - just write them down, the more the better.


Step Two


Go through all of your 20 to 100 dreams and sort them into: 

A) short term goals (ie attainable within a year or two)

B) medium term goals (ie attainable within 2 to 5 years)

C)long term goals (ie attainable in 5 years or more)

[These are already becoming goals as you have now put a time frame on them!]


Step Three


Now sort out the three most relevant or exciting goals for you in each of those three time frames. Now its all starting to happen... Your dreams at this moment are starting the process of manifestation

Overcome your fear of success; ...if what you have written turns you on:



Step Four


Choose the most important or exciting of your 

A) short/ term goals

B) medium term goals and

C) long term goals


Step Five

This is the most important step towards amazing manifestation!


Visualise each of these three goals.

If each is realizable and practical within the time frame and so long as it is your goal (not someone else's ideal for you), and it excites your imagination...

Then write it down as you see it in the present tense (ie not 'I will' but 'I am', or even in the past tense 'I have') in a long imaginative sentence, just the way you see it in your mind's eye.

Then place that sheet of paper with your three to ten main goals on it where you can see it and remind yourself of it every day (behind the dunny door is a good one)!


Visualise your goals, make a plan to work towards your goals, stay positive (expect obstacles in the path towards your goals), never give up and you WILL SUCCEED.



Even if this seems too simplistic, try it. It works believe me! 


Yours in happiness and success for 2018 and beyond,

Love Ray 


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