Couples who play together stay together part 1
Couples who play together stay together part 1

Couples who play together stay together part 1

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 16:23 -- Ray


In preparation for this article today I came across this wonderful cartoon in a local paper:

“I don't understand females Bill”

“Dear Fred- females are like phones-they love to be held and spoken to, but if you press the wrong button you will be disconnected!”

This article won't tell you how to suck eggs because the act of lovemaking is the most natural urge on the planet; we certainly wouldn't be here without that act of procreation.

We don't need to be lectured on a natural act, the act of procreation because it just happens and thank goodness it does just happen!

I wish to share about lovemaking, particularly male on female, excuse the pun.

In life, human beings just like animals learn from their parents.  But in the case of modern day humans this is not something we can learn from our parent, thank goodness, because almost universally the thought, let alone the image of our parents making love, revolts us and ironically their very act of love making is what created us!

So thank goodness sex is a natural instinct, as natural as breathing, eating and drinking.

But unlike the animal realm, human beings have a higher intelligence and a higher level and sense of play.

For example just watch a dog eat, we could eat much the same way and just gollop down our food.

Thankfully we don't, we savour our food, we eat comparatively slowly and enjoy the experience.

We could just eat food without preparation but we don't, we spend so much money on food and preparation because we like variety, and let's face it there's a whole industry around food and drinking.

I often look at the millions and billions of dollars spent around the world in licensed venues like pubs and clubs where people drink in the hope that they will lose their inhibitions and find a sexual partner.  So with us human beings lovemaking is just the same as food, we want to savour the experience and enjoy it to the max.

I wish to share about the finesse (finesse is the apt word here because its meaning in the dictionary is “impressive delicacy and skill”) and joy in making proper love to a woman for the mutual benefit and pleasure for both the man and woman.

I prefer this to be a workshop rather than article ha ha, but as an older man I feel qualified to be able to give not only younger men, but older men and women themselves, some tips to make the act of lovemaking more fun and more enjoyable.

But who am I to talk!?

Well all I can say is that I'm an older man and one of my lovers lives in WA so it's a long time between watering holes so she goes on Tinder sites because she has a healthy libido (more on that later!).  But no one else interests her much or satisfies her.

She says “Ray I can't be pushed into sex, I've got to have it like I do with you Ray, with deep pashes, those herbal treats (i.e. the herbals oils, Love Bubble, Aphroditea whatever) and a delicious bath and a sensual massage before we make love and for them to take their time, but they are always just in a rush to get their rocks off and act like they have no real care for me and my pleasure.”

It is so true:”COUPLES WHO PLAY TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER “ whether it's golf, Fortnite, tennis or sex, couples who play together stay together – Amen, couples should be friends, friends play and want to please each other and place the happiness of the other first or should do because that's the meaning of true love- caring for the happiness of the other more than your own.

Let's face it there can be a monotony to love making after a while and I admire the couples who can still enjoy their love making after many years in a relationship. But as I explained earlier we all need variety, not necessarily in partners but with our lovemaking with our beloved partner.

I once went to Tonga on a whale cruise and every morning they had the exact same breakfast for eight or nine days, I was just over it, the first time was great, second time good, third time OK, but after that boring!

We all need variety and that's why restaurants flourish, if they didn't cater for our variety in taste we would just be having bland food

(I hate to think of the English diet before the Americas and Asia were discovered because they really only had turnips and not much else).

And what a boring diet our Australian diet was before all the other foods came in with the 20th century immigrants.

So yeah, we need variety,  and couples who play together stay together.

Instead of going "Oh honey, tonight's the night, ok, wink wink, lets go to bed, come on open your legs etc " .. why not make it a unique experience?

Just imagine if you set up the bedroom for love making with soft candles, a deliberate decision not to have Iphones turned on, a cup of DAMIANA TEA or two or three, to get each other relaxed and in the mood to stop the work stress intruding into your romantic time.

Better still both have a big dose of APHRODITEA.

So I should mention that I completely researched and wrote the manuscript for a book called Happy Horny Herbs (sequel to my book Happy High Herbs).

I really researched all of the aphrodisiac herbs (by trial and error, but it was a lot of fun!) but soon discovered no matter what they say there are only a number of herbs that can help women and yet there's actually hundreds that help men.

I thought it was going to be a lop sided book and too male orientated, so I abandoned writing it.

After years in the business I realise the only herb that really and truly works for women (apart from Yohimbe which is banned anyway by the fun police in Australia!) is DAMIANA and I could spend an hour or two talking on Damiana and I will, but not in this Newsletter (perhaps you could read the five pages I have written on damiana in my book Happy High Herbs available online or at your nearest store).

I should mention here that a couple I know who were together for five years and followed my easy recipe for Damiana liqueur and how on their honeymoon (they'd been together for five-six years before they got married) after making this Damiana liqueur for their honeymoon and were just so ecstatic on touching each other and orgasmic before they even started making love!  Check out the ORGASMIC LOVE POTION RECIPE HERE !

We know it is amazing and when I first tried over 20 years ago it was the whole inspiration for me to start my mission in herbs.

DAMIANA really is the only thing that works on women,s libido and how it is also good for men, not just for fertility but arousal as well.

There's a few other herbs for women, ASHWAGANDA comes to mind as it is a wonderful herb for women giving them libido, stamina and muscular development.

There is MACA and a few others but Damiana reigns supreme.

(I will go into the female aphrodisiacs in another newsletter as this one is intended for men love-making for women)

As this article is directed to the malelover, I will just mention the other aphrodisiac for mail like TRIBULUS which gives you more testosterone and vigour.

There is so many aphrodisiac Herbs for men it just goes on and on.

Ginseng is another popular one and one of the best is Ton Kat Ali.

Don't even bother with horny goat weed for despite the name it just doesn't work.

I am writing the truth on sex and aphrodisiacs, the real truth, and also explain why it seems there are so many herbs out there for men. I believe it is because the way nature intended it to be and that is it's all about procreation and men have to have the desire and energy to chase and seduce the woman for sex because we would not be here if that was not the case!

 ... To be continued!

Look out for Part 2 of Rays arousal tips, titled BACK TO THE BEDROOM cheeky


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