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Detoxed and Healthy

Detoxed and Healthy

Ray's Rave!

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 10:56 -- Ray
I’m writing about herbs and products that I use in my daily life that may have perhaps been overlooked by others.
I believe we are here primarily to help people…. This just occurred to me when I thought of MILK THISTLE.
I take BEFORE AND AFTER at least three times a week, whenever I think I am going to have more than one glass of alcohol. I take it before I go out if I am really on the ball, or at least the next morning. I then feel detoxed and healthy. 
I’m thinking about all the people out there walking around suffering from hangovers, ruining their livers and perhaps eventually killing themselves.
BEFORE AND AFTER, or MILK THISTLE in any form should be in everybody’s toiletries bag or glove box for an emergency like mushroom poisoning, a bad hangover etc.
Look at how many people drink alcohol! …and we are in this business to help others, really help them.
Help them to overcome addictions, help them to have more happiness in their life, more health, more harmony, more sex!
MILK THISTLE is something that should be in everybody’s daily diet!
Love Ray

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Submitted by Ehlana (not verified) on

Taken before/after a night of over indulgence, or just as an added boost for your overall health if you enjoy the odd alcoholic beverage, milk thistle is a friend to your liver. I'd recommend buying it in powder form because it is cheaper, though it can be a bit gritty simply added to water. You could always capsule it yourself. Great stuff.


Submitted by Amelia on

Hi, I agree the powder form is great, but as an precautionary measure or antidote to hangover you can't beat Before and After, a tincture of Milk Thistle, Damiana and Ginger. Try it! On the occasion that I have more than two alcoholic beverages I always make sure I have some Before and After. It is amazing to wake up the next day totally fine, feels a bit cheeky to get off scott free! It's a great product to help with liver care and optimal function, so it can also help with liverish PMS symptoms.


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