Hemp, Health and Innovation Symposium
Hemp, Health and Innovation Symposium

Hemp, Health and Innovation Symposium

Ray's Rave!

Fri, 05/06/2016 - 12:55 -- Ray

The Hemp Health & Innovation symposium was held at Rosehill Races in Sydney on the 14th and 15th May 2016.

What a remarkable event!! I was pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming!?

Was I really in Australia and not California or Colorado in the USA?

As soon as I walked in I could see an enclosed system with about 50 or 60 cannabis plants growing under lights. Were they real? Yes they were real indeed!

On top of this, there were stalls with information and products that covered growing methods, how to use hemp for building, hemp clothing and even for medical cannabis! 

Medical doctors were giving seminars and even the NSW premier Mike Baird opened the event!

 Nimbin was especially well represented by their enthusiastic Hemp Embassy staff.

A big thank you also for the good work by Lucy Haslam and her dear departed son for making this event possible by appealing to our compassion. There is no doubt about it, cannabis has transformed and saved lives.

When I heard at the Nimbin Mardi Grass recently of one mother who stood up and told us that her child who was having 200 epileptic fits a day, hasn’t had a seizure now for 541 days since using cannabis as a medicine, I know in my heart the only compassionate thing is to freely allow Medical Cannabis to relieve pain and suffering.

Many people also use this plant for personal reasons, as well as medical.

The Raison d’être (The reason) for starting the Happy Herb Company was for education about harm reduction, getting people off addictions and as a showcase for Drug Law reform. I’ve always been passionate about Drug Law Reform. Drug laws are unfair and unnecessarily penalising. 

They make criminals out of innocent people. 

People need guidance on drugs!! They should be available and prescribed like Prozac and Ritalin with proper drug counselors and trained practitioners that can give advice to avoid misuse and abuse. Regulated and prescribed drug law reform will abolish the black market trade altogether and put a stop to underground groups/gangs cashing in, as drugs will be cheaper and legally available and regulated under prescription.


I am so passionate about this that I now formally announce that I am standing for the NSW Senate for the Drug Law Reform party this year!

Please vote one above the line for "cannabis free"(the Drug Law Reform Party) for the Senate.

Love Ray


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