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Tue, 03/14/2017 - 10:41 -- Ray

It was reported last week that our federal government has passed a law to make medical marijuana available throughout Australia!

Great news but its FAKE news!

Sure the federal government may have passed the law-but where do you get it!?

In some states they say that medical cannabis is available on prescription!

Again great news but FAKE news!

Meanwhile the suffering of patients who need medical cannabis continues and the release of such FAKE news just adds to their suffering.


The states are in control of legalizing the supply of medical cannabis.

For example the New South Wales government say that medical cannabis is available-but again FAKE news for that may only happen (if it does happen!) after a five year trial! Goodness gracious! Why do we need a trial when we already know of its medical benefits -meanwhile the people and kids who need it suffer!

And in Queensland the government announces medical cannabis is available on prescription-again FAKE news-try and get it! Where do you get it!?Oh yes there is a special access scheme that has to be approved by parliament -again FAKE news

No one is allowed to supply the doctors-even if a doctor was prepared to prescribe it!

If governments were really sincere about medical cannabis why have they restricted the benign but beneficial CBD oil to S4 -doctor’s prescription only- even for topical use!


Why does it have to be scheduled when it is totally harmless and not psycho-active?

We are really being fed FAKE news about medical cannabis being available in Australia-why?

Because the public at large are compassionate and this fake news makes out that our politicians are too. Plus it paves the way for BIG PHARMA to take control of the medical cannabis industry in the future-look forward to GMO-synthetics etc.


Yet 28 states in the USA have legalised medical cannabis as well as recreational cannabis (although there is really no difference to what we prefer to call personal use and medical use-as personal use is just self-medicating for relaxation and stress etc.)

Anyway back at the ranch conversely to Australia, the American federal government has not passed laws to allow the use of cannabis even though 28 states have and under the new Trump administration recreational cannabis is not permitted. They have even warned suppliers that they will be raided for selling such in the future!

It is all a travesty because after all cannabis is one of our best medicines- we even have cannabinoid receptors all through our bodies to receive it and those receptors are not there for nothing but for our health and well-being!

PS Talking about S4 -doctor’s prescription only!

I am bed ridden with a really bad and painful ankle sprain.

A friend bought me some horse liniment (turned out to be DMSO) and when I applied it to my painful and badly swollen ankle as my friend promised- it healed magically and immediately!

Ray's ankle

When I asked my learned friend why don't we know about it he tells me that DMSO is prohibited by the TGA-the Therapeutic Goods Administration (what a misnomer!) The same authority responsible for our anti-cannabis laws as well!

Meanwhile people suffer because of this bad, cruel and corrupt scheduling- surely DMSO could be made available on doctor’s prescription!

Watch this space for more such health scandals to be revealed in my next blog.

Meanwhile we keep on keeping on-and for some of us suffering on while these bad anti health laws are in place or contrary to the FAKE news are not repealed for the public benefit.


Love Ray


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