Freedom of speech under attack!
Freedom of speech under attack!

Freedom of speech under attack!

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 13:44 -- Ray
The Health Complaints Commission Council (HCCC) is petitioning the NSW government to extend its powers to the extent that it could completely override our freedom of speech about health care options. Currently, the HCCC is supposed to investigate complaints by members of the public about unethical or incompetent health care practitioners (everyone from surgeons to massage therapists). Now, however, they want to be able to investigate alternative health care groups whenever they want (ie without a previous complaint) and to silence any groups from providing information that criticises accepted health care practices or encourages people to not do exactly what the medical establishment wants them to do. This is outrageous!! Whether you are a fan of natural medicine or not, surely freedom of speech and a good discussion about the merits of various accepted and alternative health care option is important to you!


Why it is a bad idea:

  • Freedom of speech is a central tenet of our democratic society and a crucial aspect of human rights. It is our right to discuss any topic which interests us
  • Health is a personal choice – people have the right to make their own informed choices about health care for themselves and their families. In order to make informed choices about these things, many different opinions about health care must be able to be heard
  • Accepted medical practices are always changing. Science is never absolute and it is only through vigorous debate and scrutiny that it is constantly being improved
  • In my opinion, the HCCC has above ample powers to investigate any complaint that is put to it. It was established to protect the public from dangerous health practitioners, and has no place restricting or sanctioning the dissemination of information.

What you can do:

  1. Sign this petition
  2. Write a submission using the points above in your own language to the NSW government. This only takes 5 minutes and is by far the most powerful way to make yourself heard. The deadline for action is 13th december!! Click here to upload a submission.
  3. Email all your friends and urge them to take action


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Submitted by Mark S (not verified) on

Right on! They'll get my submission!

I have a friend who has been suffering from cancer for a few years now, and when she asked the Oncologist on the discovery about alternate therapies besides the standard Radio/Chemo, the reply was short. She was further told not to make any further appointments with "that attitude".

She has far exceeded the life expectancy that was advised, just going natural, but she knows the cancer will eventually win without a definitive cure.

To think these "learned people" were once classified as quacks and charletons a couple of hundred years ago.


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