Boost Your Inner Power - an article by men for men
Boost Your Inner Power - an article by men for men

Boost Your Inner Power - an article by men for men

Herbal Verbals

As men we can often neglect our health, as there is just always other things going on, but these herbs can help maintain our systems allowing us to move through life with even more ease.  Personally I take these herbs as often as I can, I find that putting a combo of these into my morning smoothies a wonderful thing to do. So lets begin with my personal Top Ten Herbs For Men.

Tribulus - Tribulus terrestris

I love Tribulus, it’s a great herb, not only does it give me a great-sustained energy it also helps me build muscle. Lots of body builders will use tribulus as it increases the body’s natural testosterone production allowing you to build more muscle.  In addition to this Tribulus can also be an intense Libido enhancer, it allows me to go longer and also helps maintain a rock hard erection.   Another great thing about this herb is that it also protects the liver and the kidneys from Oxidative damage, which can only be a good thing.

Saw Palmetto - Serenoa repens 

I can’t say that I take Saw Palmetto every day, however it is a herb that I have used before when I have had a UTI which aren’t as uncommon in men as we all like to think.  It has been used by the American Indians since ancient times for the same kinds of reasons.  I can assure you though, that as I age I will be increasing my dose of this amazing herb, as it is a great herb for Prostate health and other issues in your immune system. Its also a great Libido enhancer and aphrodisiac.


Mucuna is one of my most favorite herbs.  It’s a great herb for your brain and ability to think, it relives stress and helps your overall functionality.  It does this amazing thing where it increases your dopamine levels, making you feel happier and more stable.  It also promotes sperm health and growth and I have seen it do amazing things when it comes to fertility in men.  It also is an amazing antioxidant and adaptogen. Plus it helps you last longer sexually, it can help build muscle and it will even treat depression.

Korean Red Ginseng

Ginsengs have been praised in medicine since ancient times.  Red ginseng is a great herb for sexual drive and function; it also helps increase fertility, sperm count and motility and because of this it is often used by men who are having issues with fertility. The other great thing about ginseng is it increases your ability to think and your overall stamina making it a great everyday herb.  It is also called Panax Ginseng, Panax comes from the word panacea which basically means a cure for everything. It’s a great herb for stress, as it can really help you move through the world getting everything done that you need to.

Maca - Lepidium meyenii 

Maca is not just a herb for women, it’s an amazing herb for men as well. Maca does so many wonderful things; it increases blood circulation, libido, fertility, Testosterone, Energy, stamina, mental focus, clarity and memory.  In addition to all those wonderful things it also helps prostate function, helps build muscle by its high content of bio-available protein and other nutrients that support healthy muscle growth; it also helps to keep your bones healthy and dense.  Maca is a great herb and I know lots of people that have a dose of it every day. It just supports so many functions of the body it seems silly not to add it to the smoothie blend.

Golden RootRhodiola rosea 

Golden root is a powerful adaptogen – but more than that it can be a great releaser of stress and a positive mood enhancer.  Its been shown to have an amazingly positive effects on the central nervous system, it increases your attention span, memory, your mental stability and I have found that it can often help me work harder and for longer hours.   The other great thing about golden root is that it helps you loose weight, it does this by stimulating the release of the fat from the adipose tissue.  As well as doing all of this, it also increases the libido and other sexual function.

Tongkat Ali

I always take Tongkat when I am going to the gym, its one of those great testosterone producers. Plus this is a great herb for sexual function. Its uses are many and varied, traditionally it was used for headaches, stomach aches and even fever.  It’s also another great herb for weight management. One really cool thing that I notice when taking Tongkat is when I get an erection it seems bigger and is defiantly harder!


Cordyceps is this insane little mushroom, it not only has benefits for men, but for everybody as well.  This a great herb to help you slow the aging process as well as this I know that people have used it for all types of immune diseases, Diabetes, Renal Function, respiratory function, sexual dysfunction and even Cancer and HIV. It helps you increase your stamina and overall health, which can only be a good thing.

He Shou Wu

Literally this translates as, “Mr. Wu’s hair goes Black” and that’s exactly what it does, it’s a great herb to help with anti-aging and also for toning the organs and nourishing your blood. It’s not a stimulant however its energy giving properties can defiantly be felt. It’s a great herb for the liver and the kidneys and can help people with problems in their backs or knees. It’s also a great source of Iron, other trace minerals and antioxidants. It’s also known in Chinese medicine to help father children. In addition to all of that it also helps with your memory and learning abilities.


Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits, and what’s even better than its taste is the amazing things that it can do to our bodies.  It helps with erectile dysfunction, Fights prostate and lung cancer, helps arthritis, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, Improves cardiovascular health, helps your brain, boosts your immunity and reduces your risk of diabetes! Honestly what more could you want.


So fellow Vikings, take your vitality into your own hands and add a few or all of these herbs to your morning smoothie, it can only be a good thing!

Brad Occult



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