Natural Herbs to Deter Mosquitoes
Natural Herbs to Deter Mosquitoes

Natural Herbs to Deter Mosquitoes

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Mon, 05/11/2015 - 13:48 -- Lainie

Just when I thought that I might do a story about the usefulness of natural herbs in deterring mosquitoes, along comes this newspaper article.

You may have noticed that mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others-it's considered a fact that if you eat more sweet things like bananas,beer etc ( you should refrain from sweet foods and such drinks in malarial areas!) they will go to you more than your partner. It has been proven that the attraction of mosquitoes is genetically linked as well.

A lot of herbal literature suggests that good herbalists have always known that wormwood is not only a malaria preventative but also perhaps a cure.

An understanding in herbology suggests this could be a preventative because the bitterness runs in your veins and as mosquitos are attracted to sweet aromas, you have a slightly better chance of avoiding their annoying bites.

Malaria parasites attack through the liver so a supportive liver herb such as Wormwood can also assist on this level. Sadly the extract of wormwood is restricted in Australia!

Would you believe, a few years ago the WHO - World "Health" organisation were pushing to get it banned world wide!

At the time we wondered what was their motive for trying such.

But it all becomes clear now, if you read that newspaper article it suggests that the top five antimalarial drugs contain Artemisinin aka Sweet Annie Wormwood -which has been safely used by Chinese herbalist for years to treat malaria!

So the plot has finally been revealed -they were trying to ban the natural herb in favour of pharmaceutical drugs!!!!

(NB: the five major antimalarial medications are artemisinin (wormwood) based, no wonder they tried to ban the herb that they can't profit from! Hmmm- similarly with pseudo-ephedrine when they banned the herb Ephedra.)

So for those who live in Ross River or Dengue fever areas, or wish to avoid mosquito bites, or who are traveling overseas where malaria is present, you could theorhetically try drinking the tea or extract of SWEET ANNIE WORMWOOD (garlic etc has been tested and seems not to be affective )

The best protection against insect borne diseases is prevention, which Wormwood is traditionally renowned for in many historical text.  

While we are on much the same subject -Ross River fever and other such mosquito diseases are all linked and we have found that CAT'S CLAW ( Una de Gato) tea, is an excellent dietary supplment for recovery.

Here is a story that I had direct experience where I could witness this recently.  It's important to point out though that this is just my neighbours story and not sceintific evidence ...

When my neighbour was suffering from Ross River fever symptoms he was sceptical when I told him that he could support his recovery with the use of CAT'S CLAW tea as a dietary supplement.  He was embarrassed as he was unable to even lift a hammer to help carpenters build his own home, however on drinking CAT'S CLAW TEA he lifted the hammer and help build his house!

Yes his strength returned immediately and he thought that's a miracle but it can't possibly be that tea!? So he stopped drinking the CAT'S CLAW tea and noticed that he got weaker again.

Anyway to cut a long story short he continued to drink the CAT'S CLAW TEA and doesn't suffer the symptoms of Ross River fever any more.

And just while we're on the subject of mosquitoes we find that Mt Warning CALENDULA CREAM is really effective against the sting of their bites, as can be CROTON or liquid bandage.


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