Herbs as Preventatives
Herbs as Preventatives

Herbs as Preventatives

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Sun, 06/17/2012 - 07:09 -- Ray


In response to an article in the Weekend Australian on how aspirin is saving lives: In all the talks on herbs that I have given at Mind, Body, Spirit Festival I have come to the conclusion, and shared with my listeners, that we get disease not only due to metaphysical/spiritual reasons – usually meaning it’s not a disease, but a sign we have to change what we are doing – slow down etc, but also because we don’t eat the right foods - bearing in mind that herbs are food!

Back in the days of foraging for our food in nature, we would have eaten herbs daily. For example, we would have eaten Gotu Kola, which grows all round the world and has nice, crisp radishy flavour to it. Perhaps now that we don’t do that, we get a disease called arthritis. We all know from Captain Cook days that if we don’t eat fruit, we get scurvy. We all know that now we are so afraid of getting cancer from the sun, we are suffering from disease due to deficiency of Vitamin D. If we chewed on thistle seeds (which we would have done because it would&;ve been like a food too) perhaps we wouldn’t get liver conditions. If we chewed on Damiana like plants perhaps we wouldn’t get kidney problems, mood swings, PMT symptoms, lowered libido etc.

I’m coming more and more to thinking that herbs as foods act as preventatives. Now, as a result of research, scientists have discovered that salicylates, present in green plants and high in willow bark, may prevent cancer! And it seems farmers do not pick the salicylate greens nowadays because the salicylates cause black spots in the 5 plants and are therefore thrown away! As the salicylates are the strongest in willow bark perhaps we should all start drinking Willow bark tea- it is high in the necessary salicylates that we no longer obtain in our diet x

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Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Very true I believe its not just the lack of what we need but also the high intake of stuff we don't need e.g. additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and processed food. Not eating what our body needs plus feeding it waste that causes it harm and no beneficial value is a recipe for disaster in anyone's case.

Sadly very few understand much about there body's needs or simply don't care!


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