HHC supports Kimberley activists
HHC supports Kimberley activists

HHC supports Kimberley activists

Ray's Rave!

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 11:25 -- Ray

I had a great visit in WA, visiting Midland, Fremantle, Northbridge and Bunbury;
all the shops look good and make me feel so proud. I then went up to see off Adriana in Broome, who is leaving for the Eclipse and beyond!? Congratulations to George and Arnika who are bravely taking the shop over for the wet season.

While I was there, I felt it my duty to visit St James Price (less) Point to see formyself what is really going on there, rather than just having a deskside view of it all. I was most impressed with the protestors who live there permanently in the bush and struggle with the heat and the insects and the deprivation, all for the good cause. I was so impressed that HHC is now assisting them with communications equipment, as the area is really pristine and should be preserved, not dredged away for a giant big port for mineral export.

  For more info on what&;s happening at St. James Price Point click here


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