Medical Cannabis - Petition and Letter
Medical Cannabis - Petition and Letter

Medical Cannabis - Petition and Letter

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Thu, 06/19/2014 - 10:22 -- Ray
Lucy Haslam's 24 year old son Dan has a terminal cancer diagnosis.
"He is receiving great benefit from using medical cannabis to manage his nausea, vomiting and poor appetite. He is also using cannabis oil in a bid to halt the progression of his disease. We can see the changes in him and fully believe that cannabis is absolutely  the right path for him to go down as conventional treatments have failed him. The adoption of the 5 recommendations of the NSW Parliament Legislative General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4: The use of cannabis for medical purposes, is essential to Daniel and the thousands of terminally ill and debilitated Australians who would benefit from the use of Medicinal Cannabis. These patients and their carers (just like us) are being forced to break the law to obtain and to use cannabis, mostly without medical supervision because they are fearful to expose themselves. The medical evidence is available and opinions world wide are changing based on this evidence, yet the NSW Government is still sitting on it's hands and demonstrating a complete lack of compassion with it's disregard for these recommendations.
Please sign this petition! 

Niall our Operations Manager recently sent the following letter to all State and Federal health ministers: 

Dear Minister, 
I'm writing to you on behalf of the Happy Herb Company. We are an international franchise based in Australia with shops stocking a range of natural products intended to enhance health and happiness. Our business model is 'not-just-for-profit', supporting a range of community organisations. 
I wish to draw your attention to the criminalisation of families that are being forced to break the law in order to acquire a medicine that could in some cases prove the difference between the life and death of their loved ones. 
I'm speaking, of course, about cannabis. It is our opinion that to deny a relatively benign remedy to people who are suffering from a serious illness is an act of cruelty - thus we wholly support the re-legalisation of the medical use of cannabis. However this is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to the potential public health implications that could result from a policy of regulation rather than prohibition of this age old botanic medicine. 
Our vision is a properly informed public using safe non-addictive plants for medicinal and recreational purposes. Compare this to the current reality, where alcohol, tobacco and harmful chemicals are consumed on a massive scale every weekend, while criminal gangs make huge tax-free profits from illicit markets. 
Rather than blanket prohibition of psychoactive substances, we as a company advocate for an evidence-based regulatory approach to the issue of drugs in society, recommending that this be treated as a public health issue rather than a criminal one. Prohibition simply functions to enlarge the black market. 
Current events in Colorado indicate that the regulated sale of cannabis for recreational purposes there is proving extremely beneficial in an economic sense, and that there has been no appreciable rise in crime rates as had been predicted by opponents to the policy. 
It is ironic and unfortunate to note that the current proliferation of emerging synthetic psychoactive substances, many of them harmful, has come about largely due to the criminalisation of a naturally occurring plant that has been used for thousands of years - the adverse health effects of which are well understood and relatively much less significant. 
We look forward to a future where government policy is dictated by pragmatism and empirical evidence rather than outdated ideologies.
Thank you for your time. 
If you would like to contact the Ministers yourself, here's a list of contact details: 
Peter Dutton
Federal Minister for Health
Phone: (07) 3205 9977 Fax: (07) 3205 5111
Dr Kim Hames
WA Health Minister
Phone:(08)6552 5300
Lawrence Springborg
QLD Health Minister
Phone: 07 3035 6100
Michael Ferguson
TAS Health Minister
Phone:(03) 6336 2427
Katy Gallagher
ACT Health Minister
Phone:(02) 6205 0840
Robyn Lambley
NT Health Minister
Phone:08 8928 6534
David Davis
VIC Health Minister
Phone:03 9096 8561
Jillian Skinner
NSW Health Minister
Phone:(02) 9228 5229
Jack Snelling
SA Health Minister
Phone: 08 8463 6270



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