Hi! Welcome to the beginning of your very own herbal journey!
Hi! Welcome to the beginning of your very own herbal journey!

Hi! Welcome to the beginning of your very own herbal journey!

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 08/18/2009 - 00:00 -- Ray

Plants do add to one’s life. The love of plants starts in the heart and grows in us, as we develop further with them. In fact, our brain has receptors designed for certain plant molecules, for our benefit. Our brains are like bio-chemical computers and plants the bio-chemical software. We survive on this planet through plants. They don’t need us, but we certainly do need them. The separation from plants is bringing about our downfall on this planet.

But, do not despair, one on one, we can change things .... Plant trees. Use herbs. Grow herbs. Support environmental issues. Write to your politicians. Seek natural food, herbs and remedies and avoid chemicals in your life wherever possible. Personally boycott harmful chemical products, pharmaceutical medicines (except when absolutely necessary), and chemical drugs.

You&;ll see that your whole being starts to unfold as you bring more and more plants into your life- your body gets stronger, your mind gets clearer, your spirit brightens, your dreams become reality..

Have a Happy High Herbal day!!

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Submitted by emmi (not verified) on

I just had my first visit to a Happy High Herbs shop yesterday and was like a kid in a candy store!
I have been curious about herbs and natural remedies in general for awhile now and since my partner has been diagnosed with depression I am looking for a healthier alternative to valium and other nasties that doctors hand out.
The woman at Happy High Herbs was so knowledgable and helpful and even shared her own experiences with the different herbs.
I ended up with some great options from the party herbs range that sent me and my partner through a lovely, sensual journey of like nothing we have been through before.
I myself have experimented with illicit drugs in the past and must say now I have found the better option!
Not only did the high feel cleaner and less messier than a chemical high but I am left today with a feeling of total clarity and mellowness in my head, almost as if my brain is at peace with my body, totally free of any of the daily stresses normally within it.
Going back tonight to pick up some goodies for the long weekend and perhaps look into some medicinal herbs!

Thank you so much for opening my eyes and mind! Will definately be a repeat customer!

Submitted by Chan (not verified) on

That&;s Beautiful. It just made my day hearing Ray&;s rave up there. Herbs have made my life better. Ever since I was tiny I had a connection with all things that grew from the ground, still do :) and now I&; m even privileged enough to work at happy high herbs! I&;m on the beginning of my journey on the flora realm...and maybe even the faerie realm ;) . *Thanks universe :)*

Submitted by Emma-Louise (not verified) on

Hi Ray and fellow herbies out there.
I have decided I would like to grow my own herb garden, mainly for cooking herbs but would also like to include some goodies for medicinal and happy high benefits. Thinking so far of Coriander and I will be repotting my mothers monstrous catnip plant but what else would you reccomend?
Am considering Lions Tail aswell, depending on how hard seeds are to get.

Submitted by Elise (not verified) on

I am looking to expand my herb garden and grow some more unusual herbs also. I have lots of basil, mint, sage. I wonder if there are any herbs I could propogate for the Happy Herb Store?

Submitted by Steph (not verified) on

Hi! We are always looking for growers of Lion&;s Tail... It likes lots of sun and good drainage, and can do fairly well with little water.
Best contact us for more information.

Submitted by shaun (not verified) on

i walked in to happy herbs shop yesterday in wollongong and it was magic i couldnt get out of the shop i wish i worked there or ownd my own shop


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