Ray's Herbal Travel Kit
Ray's Herbal Travel Kit

Ray's Herbal Travel Kit

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Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:20 -- Ray
I was severely sunburnt on a speed boat trip up the Mekong river (Cambodia) to Angkor Wat, so I applied Mountain Lotus Herbal Skin Balm. It really seemed to help! Not only has the skin not peeled but only a few days later, the skin has healed and is comfortable. I brought this with me because it also helped me with an allergic rash before I left.
When travelling I also wouldn't be without liquid bandage (Sangre de Grado/Dragon's Blood) for everything from abrasions and coral cuts to insect and animal bites etc. Of course also Propolis, being a broad spectrum anti-microbial, is great to to ward off sore throats colds, and assists with the flu and other infections.
Lastly Tooth Tonic, which is an essential-oil based tooth cleaning product, is ideal for cleaning teeth in countries where the tap water is not safe as you don't need water to use it.
Happy traveling with happy herbs!
The following day after posting this article on my Happy Herbs traveling kit, I contracted a severe Bangkok Belly and was faced with a dilemma as I had a long train trip ahead of me and let's face it, squat toilets are not much fun!
I took about 3 mls of Propolis andLiquid Bandage (Sangre de GradoDragon's Blood), being sure that one of them would help - and they did! A wonderful train trip was had. 
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