Report from Medicinal Cannabis Symposium
Report from Medicinal Cannabis Symposium

Report from Medicinal Cannabis Symposium

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 14:56 -- Ray

How disgusting it is that, due to propaganda and demonisation of a plant that is among the safest, most effective and most studied therapeutic substances in history, people are forced to needlessly suffer and die from a multitude of treatable diseases...? 

One day society will look back on this as irrational barbarism.


The Inaugural Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium was recently held in Tamworth, NSW. The conference was organised by Lucy Haslam, a local woman who lobbied the government to progress legalisation after her 24 year old son Daniel was forced to procure black market cannabis to ease the symptoms of his bowel cancer.

The purpose of the symposium was to bring together medicinal cannabis experts from around the globe to inform the Australian people, policy makers, medical professionals, patients, carers, law enforcement et al - to the immediate need of allowing this treatment.” Senior political figures, scientists, doctors, and law enforcement officials were in attendance.

Parents of children suffering from childhood epilepsy gave presentations on their experiences with treatment and dealing with the authorities. A heartbreaking video was shown of one small girl who had very severe epilepsy (Dravet's syndrome) for the first four years of her life involving seizures every minute and twice weekly trips to the hospital. After treatment with cannabis oil she stood and spoke for the first time. She was running around the conference centre and smiling, it was a very touching thing to behold.

Senator Richard Di Natale announced a bill that, if passed, will allow for the establishment an independent body to regulate the growing supply, distribution, dispensation, and access to medicinal cannabis.

This isn't an 100% ideal solution, but if it allows people who are suffering to access the medicine they need then it's progress of some sort. Let's hope Big Pharma and Big Tobacco don't monopolise it...

We at Happy Herbs believe that people should be free to grow their own medicine - of all types!  

Cannabis is a great example of a plant medicine that works better in its whole form than as a pharmaceutical extract, due to the large number of active molecules the plant contains and the crucial role that the body's endocannabinoid system plays in maintaining health.

Evidence indicates that this plant can be effective in the treatment of AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy and especially severe forms of childhood epilepsy, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia and pharmaceutically induced anorexia, nausea and pharmaceutically induced nausea, and many more (Did you know that mothers pass their body's natural cannabinoids to their babies through breastfeeding?Cannabis was once the third most commonly prescribed medication in the USA, but due to demonisation by the synthetic textile and paper industries along with the rise of pharmaceutical medicines it fell out of fashion. 

However, modern society is learning more and more that we shouldn't be so quick to turn our backs on Nature! 

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Submitted by Carole McNaughton (not verified) on

I have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and cannot believe that legislation hasn't been passed to help people through the most traumatic time of their lives with a natural herb.

Submitted by Amelia on

Carole I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I share your disbelief at the current inhumane laws, but feel that change is on the way, though change will be slow. I hope you can find your way to some herbal relief, however due to strict guidelines set by the TGA we are very limited as to what we can say on this website, particularly in relation to all types of cancer treatment. 

I wish I could be of more help at this point and hope that you can find a sensitive open-minded healthcare practitioner in your area that you can speak to. Failing that, please get in touch with us again. 

Submitted by Just Me (not verified) on

My brother died of colon cancer a year ago in California. Doctors gave him 6 months, he lasted over 3 years virtually pain free. It was not until he started using cannabis oil he made himself, that his tumours stopped in their tracks. The doctors were mystified and though could not suggest his continued use, they did monitor the progression in the means of writing a paper. In the US and here in Australia, as marijuana is illegal, it impacts on research being done. Legalisation to legitimise research would help.

Submitted by Doc Wright (not verified) on

A little rave about law enforcement types, esp the mentally diseased Anslinger. He lost his job as enforcer of Volstead Act when it was rescinded in 1932. He took up the fight against a drug he believed only Negroes used, cannabis. Read any Britannica from '33 to '76, you'll see the Marijuana article is full of claptrap, signed HJA. Once he died, the article became more objective. Colorado, my wife's former state has recently legalized Cannabis, but there are still many Sheriffs and Deputies continuing to bust growers because "It should be illegal" or "The referendum next year will outlaw it again," or, "There's little KIDS in that house!" Good luck trying to educate Aussie Cop types, hope they're more realistic as our ACT police are, since 1975.


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