Buyer beware of "ROYALTY FREE" images
Buyer beware of "ROYALTY FREE" images

Buyer beware of "ROYALTY FREE" images

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 05/02/2017 - 12:58 -- Ray

We innocently used an uncopyrighted photo of a herb from a "ROYALTY FREE " image site on the internet (as you do!).

Three years later, a high-falluting Sydney lawyer representing a dubious American photographer requests $1000 for the use of the "ROYALTYFREE" photo-which by the way still has no copyright mark on it!?

Naturally one refuses to pay that-especially when such an image can be purchased for $2 from Shutterstock or a similar "FREE" image site on the internet.

But this is where the scam hits hard!

The next thing I know is I am being summonsed to the Federal Circuit Court in Sydney and informed that the photographer's lawyer's bill is already running up to over $30,000 with a threat by his lawyer that it could cost me $100,000 with his and associated court fees!

All for just a "ROYALTY FREE " photo of a herb!

Naturally to save costs I am defending this myself.

I feel like I am fighting this for the public interest and I will keep you in the loop on this awful scam that can happen to any of us !

Buyer beware is not relevant because such images are supposedly "ROYALTY FREE"


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