Sensual Touch Part 3 of 3
Sensual Touch Part 3 of 3

Sensual Touch Part 3 of 3

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 13:06 -- Ray

I am not a tantric sex teacher or anything like that, I really became knowledgeable of all this in default as i'm now seventy, and there are only a few guys who are still really potent sexually ie they can maintain an erection for an hour after the age of 65.

But when you get older, without the use of herbal helpers or pharmaceuticals like Viagra, which does not seem to work for some men and also do have adverse side effects, (crikey men have even died on viagra).

Men, if you have trouble from holding back from ejaculation and you want to keep going you can do it yourself or much better, if your partner presses in with two fingers into the perineum which is between basically your ball sack and your anus and that way she can help you hold back and it is all part of the pleasuring.

I reckon old maxim which is true, “Women give sex for love and men give love for sex” and that's one to remember and in loving that woman, love the goddess, just make her feel like a queen, really just be thinking of her pleasure and her pleasure only – don’t worry you’ll still have fun in the end as well as during!

Hey don’t forget the feet!

Women just love their feet being treated to, adored, in addition to massage. Get some good oil or coconut oil and massage the feet with love. This is an area that is often neglected or even hated by women folk, it's the area of their body that does not represent the beauty of their mind, body and spirit.

These planks of flesh that walk the earth quite often in high heels, cramped, standing up all day never get attention and when they’regetting attention and affection and a NUTMEG OIL (Which is not only good to dance on when rubbed on the legs but is also very sexy indeed, shush it’s a little secret!) massage from their lover, you’ll notice that they’ll really lay back and enjoy, just ask them to relax and enjoy and just press your thumbs into various parts of the feet, top, side, underneath, with this it will be massaging the whole foot – heal and ankle and when the right time is there then start on the toes.

Say to the toes and to the owner of them “let the toes come out to play” and just wriggle around them and play with the little toe and then massage every knuckle of the little toe and then with NUTMEG oily fingers go down between the toes and move on to the next and continue until you get to the end.

So be in touch with the desire and response of your lover, it is always the response of your lover, particularly if she’s responding with groans or contractions or squirms or even climaxes, then kiss the tip of each toe and then perhaps slide your tongue around each toe again in between the toes, working up to the big toe and have your way with your mouth, enjoying the loving experience with her feet.

When you can feel that the woman is aroused and can't take it anymore well that's when you might wish to start playing with her lips and around her vagina, her labia and that's when you might start going over the clitoral hood, let the woman’s groans or movements guide you where to go and what you do, if you dont really feel great excitement, great activity, yearning and groaning from your partner well, just work on playing that violin more, but when you feel the time is right, perhaps she's arching up and wanting more but it’s important to wait till she wants more and more and that's when you can start playing with the vagina, inserting your finger or fingers, better still to start with one, but two is the ideal and I should point out that if you want to give a woman a great orgasm, playing lightly with her clitoris with your finger or tongue and with your two fingers inserted up to the middle knuckle and holding onto the G-spot with your finger tips ( the elusive G spot- but don’t worry you’ll feel it, its corregated, its not smooth skin, thats the G-spot!) and then lightly press down on the pubic bone at the same time as your finger or preferably with your tongue lightly stimulating the left side of her clitoris ( a woman has so many nerve endings on the left side of the clitoris- much much more than a man has around his glans), follow your womans movements to bring her to a climactical orgasm.

Most women love cunnilingus, they love you going down on them and worshipping them and that's the way you should look upon that fantastical area.

Do you know Japanese men pay the equivelent of hundreds of dollars just to sit back in a chair and just be looking into a womans vagina, not touching it at all, it's a meditation-looking into the infinite.

So I should bring that up too before you start, gaze at it, love every aspect of her womanhood.

Please note a girlfriend of mine says "it's got to be the diamond" it's got to be the kissing first then the breasts, some women are sensitive in that area and you've got to be able to feel that, if so play with nipples gently like they are plasticine just squeezing very gently as most women are stimulated vaginally by attention to the breasts, the nipples, circling the nipples, touching it feather like at first and then kissing them and hanging on them like you're a baby to your mother.

And there are other tips in the lovemaking process, whisper sweet nothings, tell them how much you love them while you’re making love, even talk dirty so to speak and listen to their responses and continue doing whatever is turning them on.

Listening is not only important in relationship but listening to your lover while making love is even more important and following the clues.

It is important to lose yourself in lovemaking and focus only on lovemaking and these herbal aphrodisiac‘s will help sweep you off your feet i.e. your normal thinking process.

If your lover starts talking about every day banal mundane things like work or other worries, distract them by changing the subject and back onto lovemaking.

Of course you don’t have to try all of these aphrodisiac‘s and oils at once, experiment with them because remember “couples who play together stay together”

If you take your time and absolutely treat your lover with special attention, special care, aphrodisiacs, oils and fun with special attention to her needs, that lover will indeed be your lover.

love Ray




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