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"It is definitely one of my favorite products and I always have it at parties in case anyone needs quick grounding .. I have seen this stuff bring someone out of a K’hole and reduce the effects of LSD!  
I also use it with my kids to settle them, it always induces a long and restful nights sleep, and I personally use it for restless leg syndrome and it works everytime."
- Annaleise Gardener
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Hi, I’m overseas in Uruguay at present and too the Bliss Zone with me - love it - really helped me with no smoking - light euphoric effect, just perfect. I had a bliss drops formula before that worked really well so maybe I just stick to the bliss products. 

- Wendy

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"I have been experimenting with your Passionflower and Damiana tea mixed together I have found my back pain that I normally wake up with is 90% better after one cup of tea before bed I missed out last night and woke up feeling the pain badly Yay for passionflower and Damiana tea"




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"Love the fact use are trying to fight the huge corrupt tobacco industry a little bit of realism really gets peoples attention rather then the fabricated tales the tobacco giants feed us on a daily basis but thats the government for you only out to save and make a dollar even if its at the expense of our lives... im a regular Saturday semaphore happy herb shopper and am always greeted with great service and equipment dont stop doing what use are doing 10/10!!"

Regards Simon Maylin
"I thought I was battling a flu that was never going to arrive. No sinus or throat trouble or phlegm, just aching bones and muscles and a terrible headache. By the third day of serious affliction by these symptoms I was worried. Where was the phlegm? During this time I had been pumping the vitamin c in the form of lemons and oranges and my friend had been making me a mix of ginger tumeric cinnamon and orange juice. I probably drank one or two drinks nearly every day for the first three days. On the third day I went back to bed not long after waking and couldn’t move all day. I was worried, and still convinced it was the flu. Finally the pain in my milk duct really kicked in. So tender I could barely touch it without yelping in pain. A large angry red patch spreading out around the tender area. I knew what it was now at least. Mastitis. Ugh. The dreaded.
I was surprised because everything seemed to be going fine. Ahh well. So began the tentative massage and rubbings, trying to physically shift the blockage. Ouch. Though, important. Massage really does help. When I got up on that night after being in bed all day, I felt a little better and asked my partner to get me some fenugreek seeds from the herb shop on his way home. These were fantastic. I made a simple compress of warm soaked fenugreek seeds inside a cotton breast pad with a slit cut in at the top, and kept this in place with a maternity bra all night. I soaked it in hot water again the next morning and kept it in place all day. They smell. I smelt like curry all day. But it was worth it. It seemed the redness was fading. No longer the dark red angry triangle spreading. And Massage seemed less painful. That night I lay reading a book whilst strongly massaging all the tender spots. And again used a fenugreek compress. 
I was having epsom salt baths really very hot. I don’t know if the heat helped, but that’s what I did. I also had a magnesium effervescent tablet in water on the third or fourth day. It is important to drink as much water as is physically possible. I also couldn’t help but take ibuprofen. The pain in my bones and joints was thankful for the anti inflammatory. I used cabbage also, to pull some of the heat out of the tissue, although it is winter and cold for me, so I only did cabbage twice, but know well of it efficacy. Before each feed I used a hot towel on the boob, to open and free everything. As hot as I could handle for as long as I could handle. Then after each feed, I used a towel I had been putting in the freezer. I would run it under the cold tap to soften it again and use that for as long as I could handle on the sore boob. I was also rubbing two or three drops of neat good quality lavender oil onto the boob about three or four times a day. I found it so soothing, and I think it really helped too.
The next day most of the pain was gone, but it has taken another three or four (?) days to feel normal again. 
So in short. I drank lots of water Rested when I needed to. lots of hot magnesium baths Lots of vitamin c hot and cold compress fenugreek compress (cabbage leaves (but not often surprisingly) Lavender oil on the boob
I was lucky enough during the worst of it to have a friend visiting to come and give you me a hand. They will, because they love you x And YOU DESERVE IT!
Do not over stress yourself with housework, shopping or anything! Just rest up and be kind to yourself, and again on the fenugreek compress" xx 
Jilli Manning
manager of Cairns HHS

“I started using bliss tea because I was looking for an alternative to the medication doctors were prescribing me, for what they term depression, anxiety and stress. I found this product to work extremely well for all 3. I started by having 5-10 drops in my tea (coffee, juice. beer) 3-4 times a day and now only take 5-10 drops twice a day. Bliss tea was most effective for me in lowering my anxiety and taking away those anxious feelings like being aware of my heart beating or sinking through my chest, or feelings of excessive brain activity helping me to stay in the moment. Thank you Happy High Herb Company, and I will continue using this great product.”

 From Benjamin in Mooroopna

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Hi Ray,
I just wanted to let you know that you still have many faithful followers and believers of herbs for our health. I have used HHH on and off over the years which I am very grateful for as I have been cured of many different ailments and have learnt to rely on herbs for any health problem that myself or my family may have. I also have recommended them to anyone I meet who has a health problem but unfortunately for many of them they are so brainwashed that they believe only medicine from a chemist can help them. There are a few who have listened and taken notice but as the saying goes "to those who believe no proof is necessary and to those who don't believe, no proof is possible".
One day, I believe, the world will be a better place and with people like you , Ray, who really care, it WILL happen sooner than later and the good will prevail. We need to stay strong and hold our intent for the highest good of all. God bless you and your crew xo
- Sue Wells
"This was recommended to me by a friend who practices yoga and studies alternative natural medicines. I decided to try it that afternoon 2.5ml the first night and my elusive night time dream state spontaneous orgasms returned after a long absence the very next morning. I believe this was due to stress and trauma.
2nd night just made me feel a little more chilled. 3rd night 5ml and again my night time surprises woke me. I find this tonic really relaxed me removing all stress from my body. I guess the more relaxed in the dream state, and the more bloody circulating the area, this has allowed for these delights to return. It does make me feel quite horny too so I have been really impressed with the results and very quickly."
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"RevivaTea is another beautiful mix for any time! I love having it before a party and the next day, or even after having a coffee, or some not-so-healthy food. Milk Thistle is such a powerful liver herb. I have seen this herb create many miracles. It is beautiful in this mix with Damiana and Ginger. I love to make teas the day after a party with this healing blend!"
-Keeta, 24 year old herbal enthusiast
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"I trialled Happy Breast Balm for 6 weeks.  It was a lovely relaxing daily ritual before bed which induced a good night sleep.

The texture and skin tone of my breasts improved in that time.  I had a hard external cyst on my décolletage area which gradually diminished and then disappeared in the time I was using the balm which was a very exciting and pleasing result.   I am impressed with the quality of ingredients in this exceptional product and will recommend it to any woman interested in preventative breast health."

Sue Collins

Naturopath and breast owner

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PMTea has been in my handbag for just over a month now, it's almost all gone! Such a great mix for any time really. It has made my cycle so much easier to cope with, not only cramps and pains, but also has helped me to deal with emotions and anxieties much better. I also feel it makes sleep a creative experience. There is a lot of magic in Mugwort, I've even felt my cycle to be more of a cleansing time, a great time to go within. I love sharing it with my girlfriends when they are suffering, or just need to relax.

-Keeta, 24 year old herbal enthusiast


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"I've been on the pot for over 10 years & decided to give the harmful stuff away however i was afraid of my ADHD kicking in & HARD. So I tried this product (Damiana) & I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE trying to give up. It was delivered within a day & it has totally relaxed me enough that I don't need to smoke pot or take 6 little pills to help my ADHD. I would suggest this to anyone who needs to give up the pot. Its cheap & does the job 100%. No stoned affect but a relaxing & satisfying result."



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"I discovered Ashwagandha in your Newtown store when I moved here just over a year ago. The knowledgable staff member recommended it to me particularly for its adaptogenic properties. This proved to be beneficial for my emotional health during this transitional stage in my life: moving to a big city from a small city in NZ and desperately trying to find a job. Thanks HHs and ashwagandha!"



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"My partner and I were invited to dinner with some friends on Saturday night and we took some Desire Chocolate Elixir with us to share. Lots of it actually! Over the space of a few hours we each devoured the equivalent of a full 100 ml bottle and the effects were very nice indeed. On the bottle the key words to describe the effects are: excite, arouse and enhance and this sums it up nicely I reckon. We had it with a dash of milk and on ice and it was so nice to sip slowly; kind of like a chocolate version of Baileys. Give it a try!"


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A happy customer speaks about her experience with two Happy Herb Company products: Orbit and Bird of Paradise. She tells how these products made her feel, and highly recommends them.


"I have been using the Siberian Ginseng spagyric for the past week. It is fantastic for clearing up that afternoon brain foggy feeling, it's a real lift! Heaps healthier than having another cup of black tea, too. "


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"Just want to say a massive thanks to happy herbs. I have been in pain for over 20 years from side effects of Crohns Disease and its medication as well as some old injuries. Nothing I tried helped apart from mass amounts of codeine. I have been taking remedies from you guys for a few weeks now and my pain levels have dropped by 90% and I am a different person. My family are so happy that I am laughing and having fun like a normal person and it has really improved my qualty of life in such a short time. I cant thank the staff enough for taking the time to help me out and everything that has been suggested has been spot on. Again, thank you so much."


"Our star of the last few months is [____], a local of Cooly, he wandered into the shop one day out of curiosity. He got to chatting to us about his tobacco addiction and his drinking habits. We sold him damiana and scullcap. He started smoking and drinking both. Turns out he was pretty sensitive to herbs and this combination gave him the desired feeling he was looking for, without the negative effects of cigarettes and alcohol.
7 months later he has tried most every herb in the shop, researched most of them himself and makes his own apple cider vinegar tinctures. He comes in regularly for a chat, and it's been quite amazing to see him shed 20 kilos, and gain enough clarity and confidence in himself to open his own business. It's been a wonderful and inspirational transformation to witness"

-Maria (manager of Coolangattta HHS)

"If you haven't tried these Natural Pet Solution products then I would suggest you consider giving them a go.
I'm finding that I am getting people in, looking at them who would not otherwise come into my store, they are definately generating interest. I have already reordered Itchy Scratchy, Eye Clear and Ear Clear.
I have had first hand experience, using the Eye clear on my English Bull Terrier with a bad case of conjunctivitis, it cleared up within 2 days, I saved a vet fee."

-Tim (Morley, WA)

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"I have it with a teaspoon of honey, mix it up, and add hot water to make a tea. It pretty much kicks in straight away. I didn't have so much trouble getting to sleep before using it, but I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night and not able to get back to sleep. Not anymore! This way I get to sleep as long as I want. It's changed everything for my girlfriend and I - you know it was hard for her to be with someone who couldn't get enough sleep. It's great!"

- Shane, West End, Brisbane


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"We love Astral Tea! My partner uses it every night to help her sleep. Prior to that, she was taking codeine every night before bed. Well Panadeine Forte, actually, which is even worse because it has paracetamol in it too. This went on for a couple of years. So I am just so pleased that she has found a healthy alternative. Oh yeah and her dreams are pretty interesting now too."

- Sue, West End, Brisbane

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"My boyfriend's dog has liver problems, so he started giving his dog Milk Thistle powder mixed in with it's food. OH MY GOD you should see the difference already! It's stopped falling over and looking sad and is like a whole new dog. The vet wanted the dog to have surgery and go on antibiotics but my boyfriend thought he would try this first. And it is already so much better!"

- Tiana, West End Happy Herb Shop

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"Up for a weekend on the Gold Coast, and noticed this product on the counter. The wife and I took 1 each part way just before heading out to Dracula's. Next day, felt fine.. tired and a little shaken and truly like we had dodged a bullet.. (The Mrs also) Next day bought the large pack.. AWESOME PRODUCT.. “ - Anonymous
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I would just like to take the opportunity to congratulate this organisation on its standpoint on herbal remedies. I've just read the "Happy High Herbs" book guide on natural highs and addictions. And I would like to thankyou for opening my eyes to these possibilities whilst I'm at my young age and can continue to maximise my time on this earth doing what is best for my body and spirit.

- Simon Hamilton

I'm writing to thankyou profusely for this amazing Calendula Magic Cream you have founded to share with the world. One morning i woke up in excrutiating pain with a tooth ache. I could barely sit still and took the day off school but the pain never got better. The following day my parents took me to the dentist and they told me I needed a root canal so they did some prep work and I went home in so much pain I could hardly sleep. I decided to rub the calendula cream onto the tooth and within 10 mins the pain vanished. I've never had pain there since. I recommend this product to everyone and I use it for everything...cold sores, aches and pains and my mouth

- Olivia Smith

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"I am usually hesitant to take any party highs because I am very sensitive to these products and in the past have not had positive experiences. Some friends told me about their positive experiences using the Vibes Extras so I thought I would give them a shot before I went to a gig last Saturday. I took one at about 2 pm and within 10 min I noticed my energy raise nicely. Considering the fact that I was extremely sleep deprived prior to this I was amazed at how much it lifted my energy and much to my surprise, my overall mood. I was half expecting the effects to end rather quickly but it actually kept me going for 4 or 5 hours. There was no ‘come down’ and I slept like a baby that night. I am so happy to have finally found something that agrees with me and makes me feel so good! Bring on the good Vibes!"

-Stuey blue eyes

A really happy customer and definately a wonderful review for the benefit of HERBS!

"I just wanted to say thank you. Your stores are wonderful, and the staff so awesome and relaxed, happy to help staff. I consider it massively important for peoples such as myself to be informed about both the dangers, and the benefits of certain herbs- Herb lore, not law!"


“This is a fantastic way to give up pot or any synthetic pot that you may be addicted to. 'Not Pot' is very smooth and pleasant to smoke and does actually relax you. Was skeptical at first and tired other blends, but this is the one that worked the best. I smoked a lot of pot and synthetic and used it to quit. I have recommended it to all the people I know who are addicted to the harmful stuff. You can have as much as you like and feel good that there are no chemicals in it and return to a normal life not bound by the mental haze associated with pot and the synthetic version. The harm that does is terrible when the products come out of Russia and China.... you wouldn't smoke it if you knew what they put in it.

My memory has greatly improved and I look much healthier as a result. My interactions with people have improved and feel great. Very affordable and works a treat. Please, give it a go and get off the bad stuff. There is too much life to be lived.”


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"My mum has problems with her bowels, the doctors thought it might be cancer, anyway, i bought her some cats claw tea from your shop in Byron Bay and she sent me a message saying "don't know what's in that tea you got me but it's really good for me, stops me from bloating, makes me feel really good, thanks for thinking of me"

-Tainui Marino

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I have Good News .... We have two regular policeman and one police lady that love some of our extracts. They shop in here every week for either the mellow yellow, celestial alchemy sleep, brindle berry or vibes. They tell us they can' handle the long shifts without them. The lady cop is on a mission to turn all the cops into our best customers. Gold yeah? They come in uniformed all the time now and are happy to walk out with HHC brown bags. Winning!

- Kirby from Surfers Paradise Shop

I started taking Damiana 2-3 weeks ago and there is a noticeable difference in my mood and general attitude toward life! I&;ve probably tried most chemical "antidepressants" over last 18 years or so and it turns out Damiana is all I needed all along! I&;m working hard at spreading the word about Happy Herb shop and the work being done by this wonderful company (though it feels wrong to call you that) ;).

Keep up the good work and hopefully one day the people in government will stop denying herbs to aid the pharmaceutical conglomerates and start promoting the truth!!! Drug lore not drug law! Ignorance is the most dangerous drug out there.. ;)

"After several unsuccessful attempts to quit tobacco via nicotine patches; which only really feeds the craving (any doctor will confirm this) decided to try a more natural remedy-combination of Passionflower and Californian Poppy cigarette-it took two years but I have quit smoking and hopefully for good!!...."
- Anonymous

Ever since gaining a copy of "Happy High Herbs" it has been one of the most informative, fun and thorough books to have crossed my path in a while, if there where more opened minded people such as Ray and his knowledge the world would surely be a better place..

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Jasmine successfully healed herself of chronic emphysema, (which the doctors said she would never do). She went to live in the desert for two decades and used Dang Shen and Astralagus for the immune system and lungs, thyme tea, liquid oxygen, and kombucha. She has made a complete recovery thanks to herbs! 

This video was recorded at Nimbin Happy Herbs during National Herbal Medicine Week 2013.

"An expression of gratitude to the lovely lady at the Happy Herb Shop in Joondalup, whom I approached about how I was struggling to achieve a full breath and how I thought it may have been from anxiety and stress. The skullcap worked better than I anticipated, minutes later you actually feel the absence of your anxiety! I also found it very much calmed tension and as a teeth grinder, I noticed I was grinding less and less each time I took the drops. I used skullcap along with one of their lung cleansing herbs and four to five days later my breathing patterns were back to normal." - Ross -

"As a chef I have relied on coffee for years to help me get through a long, busy service. After visiting the Happy Herb Shop and being recommended rhodiola however, I have experienced a huge change! Rhodiola has not only given me long sustainable energy to get through the busiest service without the buzz and crash of coffee but is an awesome mood lifter stopping me from getting grumpy when things get hectic in the kitchen! My fiancée works in retail and she loves it too!" - Andy -

Tried some in tea leaf form and found that they will capsulize in the stores. Love the capsules - had helped with anxiety, depression, PTSD - am now carefully being weaned off pharmaceuticals after feeling so great and positive and energetic. My therapist told me whatever you are doing and taking, keep it up! Fantastic - and I had to call the local store to tell the gals/guys there thank you sooo much for their recommendations. I was in northern Arizona and a Native American was in the Flagstaff store and told me, in addition to the guy working in the store, the benefits he had seen, and again he was able to go off of some meds he was taking for depression, anxiety, and meds he had become dependent on. I told my therapist that I was starting to feel like I had "the old me" back once again, zest for life,etc. Wouldn&;t really have believed it possible with an herb with my old thinking!

- Linda

"I first came across the Happy Herb Company in 2009 when my partner and I were seeking smoking alternatives to help us quit tobacco.
With the guidance & support of the happy herb fremantle's friendly staff we trialled damiana, lions tale and blue lotus as a smoking alternative.
This mix, when smoked on occasions when the temptation was to go & have a cigarette, was a godsend.
I was able to fight each addiction, one at a time, first the nicotine, then the hand-to-mouth, then the triggers etc until finally I am no longer a smoker & feel so proud of what I have achieved.
The last 4 years have been the happiest & healthiest I have ever been & everywhere I go I take a pocket full of damiana but now more often than not, this is for tea rather than smoking."

Chelsea Herbert

"I am 20yrs old and was put on Fluoxetine when I was about 13... I started on a normal dosage of 20mg a day, and increased my dosage over the years to 50mg a day, I had my medications changed around, and nothing helped... I suffer from Chronic depression/anxiety/paranoia/stress... every day is a struggle... This is a little bit of info on myself so you can get the general idea of what has changed.... While on the Fluoxetine my mood swings had decreased but I was still heavily depressed... A while ago I went into the store as I was looking for something to boost my seretonin, I talked with a lady in there(can not remember her name) and she said she was taking Velvet bean/Mucuna to work her way off of her anti-depressants... I started taking this and stopped taking my medication, It was amazing the amount of difference it made, Not only did my mood swings become less intense, My anxiety also went down, and I was happier. On the medication I was always very level, almost zombie like, with this Velvet bean I have never been better, It doesnt cure all, I am still depressed occasionally and my anxiety/paranoia gets the best of me some times, but I am happier now then I have ever been, I have read a little about it and it is amazing the values of putting this stuff into your body can do... I thank you guys alot, I hope more people try this and get the same result... One very happy customer."

Nigel Cook

I am so impressed with this amazing herbal tincture produced by Malaika Honey. I have been using this product for the past 5 years for many bacterial infections like sore throat, bronchitis, flu skin infections. I take it orally for sore throats & flu symptoms. I can apply it directly to my skin for any rash or fungal infections. When traveling overseas I take it with me in case I pick up any infections. It is a must to have with me at all times. I know it has saved me 100's of dollars from expensive prescription drugs and Doctor's visits. I love it!

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Gotu Kola is one of my favourite herbs as for my condition with epilepsy, it has a profound effect. I was driving the other day and needed to pull over somewhere as I was feeling a bit light headed. I had no idea where I was going to pull over and then saw a bit of grass, pulled over, got out of the car for a breather and there was a patch of gotu kola just next to the car. I picked about 10 leaves, chewed it and felt immediately better. The nervous system seemed to have been cradled and was on my way to work without another issue and it especially relieved any anxiety I get around having this condition in the first place

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To all you people out there wondering does any of this stuff work MY BLOODY OATH it works,Im one of the most uptight people suffer anxiety, mood swings for years,Well for the last week or so i have
brought products from Happy Herb in Rockhampton and i cannot believe the change in me...I dont even need Valium any more,My Husband thinks im a new woman and even drove me over their today
to get my supplies lol..Manda and Nathan are just the nicest people you will ever meet..So get your ass down to the shop and try..I can promise you wont be disappointed ... Im that Happy with the
products i no longer need prescribed medications which i was taken for over 15yrs ...

Surfers testimonial

Hi there, I just purchased some Damiana Tea, and I love it! I’m actually coming into the shop today to buy some for work colleagues. I think I have really started something here! There is one guy who has always found it really hard to wind down and relax, but now he just cruises around happy as Larry. He took some home for his wife, who suffers from menopause, and it has chilled her right out too. Brilliant stuff!


I've been using the SereniTea you sent as part of your Facebook giveaway - thank you so much! I've been quite stressed lately and SereniTea brings me back down :)

"I met a lovely customer this morning who had a wonderful testimonial about using mulungu.. She could not sleep due to pain related to illness and was on a daily dose of morphine.. But now she just takes mulungu instead and sleeps well and wakes fresh.. Hooray for happy healthy herbal alternatives!" - Port Douglas Happy Herb Shop

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I am impressed by your attitude of responsibility. .how refreshing to hear this these days. .thank you. . i also wanted to compliment you not only on your products which i think are fabulous, but also on my experience at the Santa Cruz store. .the woman who owns the store is so delightful. . she is very knowledgable and super helpful. .i am a repeat customer and intend to revisit the store when i am back in the area. . i highly recommended your company to everyone. . keep it going. .have a happy day!! Sincerely, Fiona

This testimonial was received at one of our US shops (where kratom is legal, unlike in Australia)

Kratom type used: Malaysian

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Reason for using Kratom: Anxiety

Please describe your experiences/the result including duration of effects: You may have saved my life. It lasts about 6-8 hours, typically. My anxiety dissipated, THANK YOU. 

Please describe any negative side-effects or after-effects: Non-existent. Just don't like it when I can't afford to keep it in stock. 

I just wanted to say that I visited your store on Jetty Road, Glenelg and was served by a young man with dreadlocks. He was extremely helpful and provided me with the best customer service I have ever recieved anywhere in my life. I will definately be returning to the store not just for the products but for the exceptional service too! Thank you! TJM

Blue Lily Tea, quite weak, steeped for a little bit. I had one mouthful.. Or even half mouthful. Was planning have more, but sitting there painting forgot to. 10/15 mins later it hit me. Mellow but also full on. Very heightened senses ‐ sounds, colors, especially touch. Slightly out of body at the same time. Dizzy, third eye pressure, soft weakness like limbs were a little heavier. Visions also (which i've put in the painting) i didn't expect it to be so powerful from one sip. I had lots of dreams that night as this was just before bed. My partner drank the rest of the tea ‐ the whole cup. He didn't get much of anything while awake as i did, but deep sleep and lots of dreams. Thanks

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Deborah used Mucuna from our West End shop to help rejuvenate her nervous system.

Kiall in Maleny used our Pow Wow tobacco alternative to quit smoking:


I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for changing my life! Words cannot express how grateful & lucky I am for stumbling into your store in San Diego - Ocean beach. Keep doing what you&;re doing. I too, am now spreading the word. May God continue to bless The Happy Herb Company & it&;s staff.   With love & gratitude,   Jes (Tempe, Az)


I am a devout Christian and hippy, god wanted us to turn to nature, as humans we have done far too much pharmaceuticals were not something the bible advocates it advocates to heal through nature. I am chronically ill and blame a lot of my ill health on the medical profession. A huge thank you and blessings to such a special person as Ray for bringing natural healing agents to us legally. I have had most of my bowel robed at a young age so never understood the meaning of body stone which is what you really need with chronic pain. I want to be law abiding but want to use herbs only, than you Ray for Kiwi Green it's brilliant as a mood lifter and for pain relief we are blessed people like Ray exist.




From a 27 degree Oxford St day:   Man walks in all buzzing on the day and on life and says to me:   "Yo sister! Check this day out. It&;s epic Man!! You got any of that QuiTPot Stuff. It&;s awesome. My wife and I we used to be 1/2 ounce a week types until this stuff came along. That guy who works here, with the stubble &;n shit (That&;s Lee), he told me to have a bit of a puff before i go to work to take the sting out of the day... so i&;ve been doing that and the cool thing is it gives you a bit of a buzz but after a half hour walk to work i&;m not craving the stuff and i&;m all clear and ready to go. This shit rocks. I&;m getting some for my bro too."   - Alex Oxford St Happy Herb Shop

Last january, a woman who had chronic leukemia and was undergoing treatment for several years, with chemotherapy etc., had just been told by her doctor that she had to stop the inefective treatment, that there was nothing else to do for her, and that she had to warn her family that it was the nearly the end for her ... SHe went back to France to see her daughter and her familly...

Her daughter had just got married, and not being present at the wedding, the lady decided to offer the honeymoon in Turkey to the new couple. The week after, her daughter called her right back from there, because she had just read in an english health magazine, she had opened by chance in the small hotel where she was staying, that a Canadian, Caroline Hamm had done a thesis on the dandelion killer cancer, and that she absolutely had to contact her.
She tried but no chance on the matter. SHe went on internet to read about the thesis, and instead of trying to contact her, she began to look for Dandelion in all France (she said) by sending letters everywhere... No chance too.. nothing !! (example of beautiful and effective work of the French medical community to make people forget the common European plants and their virtues ...)
When she came back in New Caledonia, she tried and asked to pharmacies, but no chance... not even an advice...
Finally, a friend of her sent her right to us, telling her that she would find this at our place for sure !! She did not believe it, and she found a whole kilo of dandelion root, just arrived, and available for her of course !!!!
This was a good seller since the beginning, having really good returns from men and women, and even teenagers... not for leukemia though, but mainly for liver problems, acne, and its detoxifying properties!!! This root was one of the stars after the invincible damiana of course !
Since then, with no other treatment at all, she began to drink dandelion decoctions everyday... She came back to see me last month to buy a new kilo, and to ask me if I could continue ordering this root for her because, after new analysis, the doctor didn't beleive the results !! The analysis indicated a remission...
SHe was crying in the shop and thanked me for being the ONLY ONE to sell this in FRANCE !!!! It was a "little" too much for me, but I understood her enthusiasm, and answered her that of course I would order dandelion for her, at any time ! But I also told her that we wouldn't have this root here if HAPPY HIGH HERBS did not exist, and that she should come and visit your website and why not your shops in Australia !!
You are saving lives everyday ...

As a mum of a 19 yr old, and with an insight into drugs from intelligent experience from my own youth, I feel that the product which is popular that Happy Herbs provides gives this generation a much safer and monitored approach to a pastime that they will do anyway. I wish you well with your fight. Thank you for supporting a cleaner way to relieve stress, make people happy, and create a quirky business.


- WM

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send some major props to the guys who work at your Maroochydore store. I've been to this shop twice in a week. The herbs I've bought have been nothing short of a miracle. I suffer from major depression, chronic sleep insomnia, mild bipolar, lethargy etc etc all made worse by a increasing addiction to marijuana. Frankly I could go on for a while here :)

The herbs I've bought have been AMAZING. Literally, amazing. And the results happened so quickly! I went to the store today again. I called him Jason but I think that's his brother's name, and was actually served by David? Forgive me if it's incorrect. The knowledge, passion and genuine interest this guy has for all things herbal is a credit to him. He is an absolute star. No question is too much for him to answer. His information & knowledge on the products he sells is incredible. He even kept talking to us half an hour after the store had officially closed. The mixture of herbs he's so far sold me has dramatically improved my general wellbeing, my sleep patterns and I haven't smoked pot in 4 days. Numerous people have commented on it. My mood is beginning to become more regular and I've slept better in the last week than I have in 15 years.

So to David - I so hope that is his name - thank you thank you thank you. The guy deserves more money for being so good at what he does! I'm so excited about this new found love of herbs and the benefits they've given me and it's all thanks to him. Please pass this on to him. I'll be back in store next week :)

Regards, Emma

I am a single mother who has had battles with with all variety of substances mainly due to apparent health and possible mental issues but i have overcome many of them due to natural therapies... I dont know if i will ever be completely well but i cope because i have alternative things i can use... Your happy highs book started a spiral of information that i found actually helped and assisted me in removing a lot of pharmacuticals information from my life in turn helping me feel better just because it meant i didnt require a hand full of tablets for breakfast lunch and dinner... 

- anonymous

Happy High Herbs has helped me with a number of conditions: firstly, having a dead brain from over indulging in psychedeclics, use of herbs like ginko, brahmi, ashwandaga, which helped me recover my brain. Also, I have had severe chest problems from smoking too much, using herbs like coltsfoot and mullein to clear the crap that has been lodged in my lungs.

Thanks for providing an option for me when pharmacies and doctors couldnt help.

- Darce

I visited a US location, just out of curiosity...and it changed my life! I had been smoking cigarettes for almost a decade, and had tried to quit numerous times over the course of those years with no success. We were just chatting with the young woman at the counter when she started telling me of her husband&;s success quitting smoking using the mix you guys offer. I bought one of the bags and have not looked back since! My issues the first few times around mainly had to do with feeling sick from quitting, and just the addiction to hand to mouth movement.  With the herbal alternative, I felt significantly less sick in those first few weeks, and was still able to satisfy that hand to mouth addiction. The excruciating headaches I had experienced previously in trying to quit, were barely noticeable. I mixed the herbs with less and less tobacco until I didn&;t even have the desire to smoke them anymore. I still keep some around in case I have a craving, but I can honestly say I almost never do. (Which was a big problem I experienced with other methods of quitting; since your mix is not just another form of nicotine, I was actually able to kick my addiction, rather than just kick the smoking.)  I have told everyone I know that smokes cigarettes about this, and even bought a friend the same mix that I used. I can say with conviction that I would never have been able to quit without your help HHH! You saved my life!

Thankfully and sincerely,       - Sarah Lewis

I have had asthma my entire life and have recently been seeking alternatives to eastern medicine. I happened to be strolling down the street in Tempe AZ and stumbled upon a happy high herb store. The young lady was extremely helpful and lead me towards nevada tea and calamus root. I have been drinking a cup of nevada tea a day along with chewing the calamus as needed. I have noticed a tremendous difference with my breathing. Thanks ya&;all....

- Robert Adler

You guys are everywhere! I was shocked when I saw one in Darwin. Every town needs a Happy High, I say. Some of my most enlightening experiences have come from your shop :-) Thanks for existing!

- Sandra Tot (facebook)

The feeling of release at knowing that someone else has experienced great benefit by using this herb,  made me laugh until I cried.

So good to know there are other &;believers&; out there!

- Anonymous


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