Goal Setting and Visualisation
Goal Setting and Visualisation

Goal Setting and Visualisation

Ray's Rave!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:00 -- Ray

I learnt, re: goal-setting you mus tbe able to visualise clearly and you must be able to express it in one long sentence as if it&;s in the present tense, as if you&;ll have already achieved it. Eg:like winning something and walking up to the podium with all the people clapping

I had a visualisation like that once when I was in Hawaii many years ago that I was going to be a famous author andI would not return there until I become one, because it was too expensive aplace

Well within five years I happened to do just that. I was put up in a millionaires apartment and walked up to a podium with people clapping me though it was not for being a noted author, but actually for a sales result! Nevertheless that sales result was avisualisation I focused on six months before the event. I wanted to win, would you believe an XJS Jaguar motorcar for selling more than $3 million worth of product in one month! I visualized that clearly! And I did win it!

If you cannot see your dream or your goal clearly and if you can&;t put it in one easy sentence and feel it is really not true for you, then it is not your real dream! That is why it so important to know what you really want and see it very clearly! In the past Liz can confirm I&;ve visualized things from a MG sport car (which she owns)! To get that XJSJaguar! To get my property in Tasmania and my property up north in Bloomfield, to our wonderful mushroom house in Uki, to even starting the Happy Herb Company franchise to advertise the cause for herbs! I visualised 10 shops which then I thought was impossible! Nevertheless I would just remove that negative thought and think of seeing myself with 10 shops~ and now we are close to 50!

I&;ve visualised opening up in America and having over 100 US shops in my lifetime. Now my current visualisation is New York. And before that I wanted to see a shop in San Francisco and now we have one in the iconic place - Haight-Ashbury!  

For you to get what you want is that you have to see it clearly and it has to be what you really want and it has to be obtainable. If it seems real for you and if it&;s all obtainable,then it is YOURS!

Love, Ray

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Submitted by Angela (not verified) on

Ray this encapsulates everything I believe about been authentic to ones self. Very inspirational

Submitted by gerar (not verified) on

Thanks Ray. Would like tickets to the oscars when i receive best film,best screenplay and best director?


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