I'm #1 on the HEMP SA Senate Ticket
I'm #1 on the HEMP SA Senate Ticket

I'm #1 on the HEMP SA Senate Ticket

Ray's Rave!

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 12:54 -- Ray

I am passionate about our human rights to use all natural plants and herbs, and I will continue to promote the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, and availability of nature's wonderful gifts.

I am mainly standing for our natural human right to the cannabis plant, particularly for its benefit as a food.  Hemp seed is one of, if not the most, nutritious plant in the world for food and I feel ashamed that Australia is the only western country in the whole world that has not yet allowed cannabis for food or medicine.  It is my wish that your vote for the HEMP party will change these draconian and ignorant laws.

For much of the campaign period I will be travelling in the United States on business and that is a real eye opener.  Most Aussies are pretty much unaware that the rest of the world is leaving us way behind when it comes to cannabis.  More than half of the states will have legalised medicinal cannabis before we reach the end of the year, with Illinois recently becoming the 20th State.  Even recreational use is legal in some of the states and the rest look keen to follow as quickly as they can.  The "green rush" is on in America and Aussies need to be treated at least as favourably by our government as the Americans are by theirs.

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Submitted by valeria volpato (not verified) on

I think trans fats should be banned
its killing our health and health care system
but we cannot stop eating that can we?
we are addicted to it

Submitted by Rex (not verified) on

I must be crazy coz I'm of the belief that nothing should be illegal to consume if one wants to do so. Drugs, poison, trans-fat, fast food, whatever! If you are willing to take it, so what!?!? I like Bill Hicks' old line about why did god put marijuana on earth if we weren't to take advantage of it? (I'm an atheist btw) Sorry that HEMP didn't get Senate seats but LDP did get one :D (they are pro-choice/libertarian on everything; from drugs to guns). I checked out the QLD HEMP Senate candidates but chose to vote for the LDP instead. Sorry HEMP.

Submitted by JRL (not verified) on

Spiritual evolution is dependent on our freedom to choose our lifestyle. We must as a culture wean ourselves off the nanny state mentality we have become addicted to and return to genuine community. It is the general populations acceptance of this nonsense that perpetuates it.


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