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    Hi, is this good for libido. Is it for men or women?


    Hi, I have the same question. I love it for me but my partner hasn’t tried it yet so I am wondering if its worth slipping some into his routine?

    Nick from HQ

    Hey Alice and Malaika! Thanks for your questions. Damiana is a real powerhouse herb as it is great for so many things such as adrenal support, anxiety, depression and, importantly, libido! It works well for both men and women and so can be a fun and sensual herb to share when having an intimate evening or moment together. It comes in lots of fun formats such as chocolate elixirs – Desire; Tinctures – Aphroditea or Sensualitea; or as a classic dried herb that can be enjoyed as a tea, smoked or soaked in your favorite alcohol to enjoy.
    Alice – you could definitely add it to your partners routine if he is up for it or if he wants something with a little more kick I would definitely suggest Tongkat Ali tinture – my favourite! Thanks, Nick


    It’s my favourite herb for libido and I use it with all my male partners who also say it works well and increases the bliss! Blessings, Dita

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)


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