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Herbs for Love
By Kyla Sheffield

Whether you’re wanting to increase the passion in your life, set the mood for a romantic evening, boost your libido, or simply get horny – herbs have you covered. This is one area that herbs really shine!

Get to know some of the top herbs for love with this round-up of our favourites.

Damiana  – This is by far our favourite all-rounder when it comes to mood and love It helps relax the nerves, and increase libido, and is great for both men and women. It’s included in many of our favourite romance products – SensualiTea, AphrodiTea

Muira Puama – The short term effects of Muira Puama include increasing blood flow to the pelvic area, aiding erections in men as well as sensation and orgasm in women. Longer term use enhances the production of sex hormones in both sexes.

Ashwagandha – Used in Ayurveda as a general tonic, the Sanskrit word “ashwagandha” means “the smell of a horse,” symbolizing the strength and vigor of a stallion.  It’s a natural sedative and stress reliever with antidepressant qualities.  It is used for both infertility and impotence and to increase libido.

Maca – A natural hormone balancer and mood booster, Maca is a tonic and adaptogen with similar properties to ginseng (but not as stimulating). It is used as a nutritious superfood to increase energy as well as libido.

Ginseng – A top Qi (vital essence) tonic, used for stamina and energy. It is a yang (male energy) tonic in Chinese medicine, and is valued to increase male vigour, libido and virility.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto has long been regarded as one of the premier herbs for men, due to its tonifying effect on the male reproductive system, particularly with ailments of the prostate as well as impotence. Saw Palmetto is also friendly on the female reproductive system, assisting in those with low libido, enlarged ovaries and underdeveloped mammary glands.

Horny Goat Weed – As its name indicates, Horny Goat Weed is most renowned for its use as an aphrodisiac. According to legend, this property was discovered by a goat herder who noticed sexual activity in his flock after they ate the plant. It is now used to increase libido, assist impotence, premature ejaculation and incontinence.

Tribulus – Traditionally used to promote male sexual wellness, health, and virility, Tribulus is also used to enhance athletic performance and increase muscle mass.

Tongkat Ali – A traditional anti-aging remedy used to improve libido, energy, sports performance and weight loss. Studies have found Tongkat Ali to stimulate release of free testosterone, improve sex drive, reduce fatigue, and improve well-being. A great product we carry is Good Roots, a liquid blend of herbal extracts of Tongkat Ali and Ginseng.

Catuaba – A Brazilian aphrodisiac used for sexual impotency and weakness. Its name comes from a Guarani word meaning what gives strength.

ChocolateCacao is full of mood boosting phyto-chemicals such as theobromine, phenylethylamine & anandamide. No wonder we love it – it makes us feel in love!  It’s also packed with magnesium to help relax the muscles.

So get happy, healthy, horny & high on life with these effective herbal aphrodisiacs!




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