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Scorpio season is here ✨🦂 and launching into full effect with a New Moon AND Solar Eclipse.

Ruled by a passionate water sign, Scorpio Season is a time to dive into the depths of our being and honour our shadow self. We can also lean into our ‘dark side’ (and learn to love it) by harnessing the energy of the October New Moon and Solar Eclipse. All three of these cosmic events remind us that the light cannot exist without the dark. We must embrace all parts of ourselves, for it is what makes us human!

Scorpio season may bring themes around the cycles of life: death & rebirth, release & new beginnings, and passionate transformation…
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, now is the time to burn away all that is no longer serving you and rise to your highest path.

Here are some herbs that can help you soak in the potent Scorpian energy pulsing  through the cosmos this season ♏️ and courageously surf the waves of change.

herbs for scorpio season astrology herbal allies


Scorpio is associated with sexuality, passion, and fiery romance. Damiana is an aphrodisiac herb that can help ignite this energy! It can also help take the edge off if you are feeling particularly affected by the intense emotions circulating right now.

Black Cohosh

The reproductive system and procreative organs are closely connected to Scorpio, and black cohosh helps tone & strengthen these parts of the body! This is also a herb ruled by the planet Pluto, just like Scorpio. Particularly helpful for women’s reproductive health, black cohosh can help harness the divine feminine creatrix energy within.


This Scorpionic herb can awaken and activate your passionate energy! Work with guarana to tap into the potent healing energy of Scorpio season. Awaken and enliven your senses to attune to the transformative portals and manifest your deepest desires.

Burdock Root

The divine, feminine energy of burdock makes this herb wonderful for centering rituals, cleansing, and releasing what no longer serves you. A water sign, scorpio is considered a feminine zodiac sign. Scorpio season is also a powerful time for releasing past karma and rebirthing processes. Detox & clear with the help of burdock root!


A beautiful calmer of nerves, gentle relaxing lavender can be helpful in a time when emotions may run high. Helpful to soothe challenging emotions that may be activated with this water sign, and also to stay grounded and relaxed when exploring your shadows


This gentle cognitive stimulant and cleansing herbal ally can help with transformation and ritual. Sit with rosemary when setting intentions for Scorpio season. When paired with other calming herbs such as lavender (try our rosemary & lavender sage bundle), it can be a soothing antidote for short tempers and tumultuous emotions. Learn more about the magic of cultivating & creating ritual with herbs.

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