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Learn about Calendula

Botanical name: Calendula offinicalis
Other names: Pot Marigold

Calendula is one of the best herbs for healing the skin when used externally. It can be used as a balm, cream, compress, poultice, or wash for inflammation, wounds, bruising, bleeding, minor burns, fungal infections as well as strains. Internally it is valuable for digestive inflammation, bladder infections and ulcers. As it increases bile production (cholagogue), it is helpful for relieving gall-bladder problems. It can also be used internally for fungal infections. It is reputed to assist delayed menstruation and painful periods as well as normalising the menstrual process. Also used as a mouthwash for gum and tooth infections, or as a gargle for sore throat and tonsillitis.

Preparation:  1 -2 tsp/cup, steep 10 minutes.Take 3 times daily. Externally as a lotion or poultice.


Reference: David Hoffman (1995), The New Holistic Herbal, p213; Michael Tierra, The Way of Herbs, p109; David Hoffman (2003), Medical Herbalism, p535.

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