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Botanical name: Gymnema sylvestre
Other names:

Gymnema has recently become well known for its ability to suppress the desire for sweet food. Its Hindi name, ‘Gurmar’, means ‘sugar destroyer’. It inhibits the taste of sugar, as well as blocking up to 50% of the absorption of sugar. Gymnema also seems to increase the release of insulin by the body, making it very useful for type I & II diabetes. It is also of benefit in other digestive disorders and other diseases affected by sugar use such as obesity, candida, parasite infestation, high cholesterol, hyperactivity, allergies and anemia.

Preparation: Boil leaves for 5 minutes, then steep for 10–15.. Powder: Start with 2 grams, increasing to 4 grams if no side effects occur. Capsule: 100 mg, 3–4 times daily.

Reference: Micheal Tierra (1998), The Way of Herbs, p.143-144.

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Watch for signs of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and monitor your blood sugar carefully if you are on diabetic or hypoglycaemic medication.

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