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Botanical name: Passiflora incarnata
Other names:

Passionflower derives its name from its exquisite  flower – South American missionaries likened its exquisite flower to the crucifix. This plant has nothing to do with arousing passions, it’s only use at bedtime is for a sound, restful sleep.

It is a pity that doctors do not recommend Passionflower for insomnia and nervous conditions before hooking their patients on to addictive chemical sedatives. Better to have a habit of sound sleep than a habit for prescribed sleeping drugs.

Passionflower is also excellent for all nervous conditions and, unlike most other sedatives, users report that they wake up with a smile on their face in the mornings after a deep sleep.

Passionflower is also remarkably effective for interrupting nicotine addiction. Many previous chain smokers have quit tobacco altogether by weaning themselves off Passionflower. They either smoked Passionflower in the morning and refrained from cigarettes for the rest of the day, or alternatively smoked Passionflower sparingly as a ‘crutch’ to get them past their initial craving and habit of smoking. Many people report success quitting smoking by mixing passion flower into their tobacco and smoking the mixture. Over the course of a few weeks, they put more and more passionflower and less and less tobacco until only passionflower remains.

Preparation:  1 tsp/cup, steep covered 10 minutes. Drink 3times daily for stress, or before bed for insomnia.

Reference: Thorpe, R. (2001). Happy High Herbs 6th Ed. Loch:Possibility.com, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12165186

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