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Give the gift of holistic healing & happiness.

For all online orders that include any of our holiday gift packs through the remainder of 2022, we will donate a meal to someone in need.

We are working with our good friends at the Heart2Heart Project to give back to our local community this holiday season. For every Happy Herb Co online order this month, we are going to be donating healthy, nutritious, and natural meals to fellow humans in need in our hometown Northern Rivers community in New South Wales. You can learn more about the inspiring work Heart2Heart is doing in the video & informational interview with founder Abhi below.

1.  What is special about the Heart2Heart Project?
 We provide free wholesome vegan meals to anyone in need through a distribution network of local community groups. The meals are frozen and can be collected to take home or heated up by the staff at the community hubs if necessary.
2. Why did you create this project?
We saw a growing need for nourishment in the community, with increasing homelessness and families struggling due to increased economic pressure. Initially the service was run informally but soon grew as friends and local businesses such as Happy Herb Co wanted to support us, so the Heart2Heart Project was created. We are a registered Charity with the ACNC and can give tax deductible receipts for any donations received, which supports us to channel resources from the community back into the community.

3. How did Green Friday / Happy Herb Co efforts help this year (or last year)

Happy Herb Co has been giving a regular donation to support the Heart2Heart Project since we began and it is through donations like theirs that we have been able to maintain our service. Green Friday is the day when they offer the opportunity for their customers to join in!
4. What motivates or inspires you to do this type of work?
Food is a fundamental need for everyone and we believe that making and offering food opens a channel for love and affection to flow – a Heart2Heart Transaction! We witness the effects of our efforts be the abundance of gratitude we receive from both our collaborative partners and the people accessing the service offering.
5. What are your goals for the project? 
We would like to increase our collaborative partner base and also expand in the future to have a mobile meal distribution service where we can meet with people out in the community and offer hot meals, especially during the times when most community outreach programs are closed such as evenings or weekends. We would also love to have a pay it forward cafe where everyone can access nourishing meals and those who have the capacity can pay it forward for those in need.
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