Did someone say chocolate?! If you are a chocolate lover, then this one is for you.

Unfortunately, the commercial options we have available for chocolate are often unethically traded, non-organic, filled with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and contribute to excess waste.

A lesser-known offering of Happy Herb Co is our fairtrade chocolate products! Here are our favourites, which are all available in our online marketplace

Tonantzin Raw Chocolate

Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao 

Chocolate Herbal Elixirs

We have crafted 3 potent herbal blends that are mixed with the finest quality organic fair-trade chocolate and decadent ethically sourced honey. Choose from BalanceBliss Zone, and Desire depending on the effect you are looking for.

We are giving away these 3 organic chocolate products in an Easter basket giveaway, which you can ENTER HERE

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