There is a lot of confusion about the various types of Lotus and Lily and chances are there will always be confusion unless the botanical names are used. Lily can really only apply to the genus Nymphaea (the water lilies), but Lotus can refer to the whole Nelumbo genus as well as several Nymphaea species.


LILY – Nymphaea


Nymphaea species contain bioflavonoids that act on the GABA receptors. This makes them enjoyable as relaxants and inebriants especially in combination with alcohol. These properties were known and utilized by the Egyptians as well as the Mayans.


Drink macerations or smoke to induce relaxation.

Botanical Names

Nymphaea caerulea

Nymphaea alba

Nymphaea rubra

Nymphaea ampla

Common Names

Sacred lotus, Blue lotus/lily

White lotus/lily

Red lotus/lily

Mayan lotus/lily

LOTUS – Nelumbo


Nelumbo species contain apomorphine type alkaloids in the flowers that act on the dopamine receptors, and a number of other alkaloids in the seeds and embryos with activities ranging from anxiolytic to stimulating. These properties are utilized throughout Asia.


Drink as tea to boost libido and motivation.

Botanical Names

Nelumbo nucifera (white/pink)

Nelumbo lutea

Common Names

Sacred lotus, Pink lotus, White lotus

Yellow lotus



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