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Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14th, and we have a full range of herbal goodies to shower the special women in your life with love. And what better way to show your mom you care with the gift of health & wellbeing?!

Here are a few product highlights from our 2023 Mother’s Day Collection.

Precious Woman: Women’s Health Botanical Bundle

Indecisive? This gift pack is the perfect option. We have consciously selected products in this pack to connect with the cyclical nature of the sacred woman. In this gift set, you will find a balanced and nurturing selection for holistic women’s health – moon cycle support, balanced hormones, breast health, nurturing yin energy, and naturally radiant skin & hair. As well as some ceremonial plant spirits for embodied living and awakening the divine feminine within all of us.

Superfeast I Am Gaia

The I Am Gaia blend by Superfeast celebrates women. All women; from the young to the young at heart. As a formula, I Am Gaia is a collection of the Orient’s most potent and revered tonic herbs, those traditionally used to invigorate and sustain feminine health.

Herbal Astrology Oracle

Tonantzin Chocolate 

Happy Breast Balm

Breasts are truly amazing. They have the capacity to nurture life, they bring us much pleasure and connect us directly to our divine feminine mystique. This lovingly prepared, self-nurturing product is ideal for personal breast care.


The happiest herb! Damiana is the perfect cup of tea at the end of a long day, and it also makes for a pleasant, relaxing smoke. It has great benefits for men, but the most glowing feedback we have received over the years has always been from the ladies! Great for lovers!

Rose Petals

Moms = the embodiment of love, and rose petals are the perfect herbal representation of that loving energy. Gift your mom this must-have for self care rituals! Add petals to a bath, bed, teas and food to transform any situation into one of love and relaxation. If you’re a partner looking for a gift for, rose petals can elevate the romantic atmosphere with their natural beauty and aroma.

Stress Less Tea

It’s time for mum to chill and enjoy! This delicious lemony tea is a blend of herbs that have traditionally been used by herbalists to calm the nerves, reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system. Your mom can enjoy this relaxing yet non-drowsy tea any time of the day or night to soothe, calm and de-stress.

Botanical Books – Women of Visionary Art 

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