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Welcome to the first day of our Prime your Wellness Series, where we invite you to address any habits that could be impacting your health.  Whilst it’s probably not a great idea to shock your body into cold turkey, it is definitely worth doing your best to get what you can under control.

When we talk of addiction often people think of drugs or excessive alcohol use, but there are many hidden addictions disguised as normal and socially acceptable everyday habits, so it’s important that each of us observes our own behaviour and seeks to identify what we could shift to lead closer towards optimum wellness.

Coffee, sugar, social media, excessive thinking, smoking, these seemingly harmless and normal habits can all impact our physical, mental and spiritual health. Even a simple reduction of these habits (remember, everything in moderation), can boost your health.

Herbs can often help provide substitute effects and calm the nervous system and mind whilst we introduce change. They can also help the body adapt to stress, and aid in managing the physical symptoms of withdrawal as well.

To empower you to break a habit that no longer serves you, we are giving away our downloadable ebook Herbs to Break Habits, as well as 15% off** some our fave products (linked below) using loyalty code QUIT15. 

Caffeine Addiction 

Too much caffeine (and especially too little sleep) can lower the immune system, so it can help to be mindful of your caffeine intake. Try replacing a cup of coffee with a cup of herbal tea, or adding adaptogens to your coffee for non-jittery energy. Superfeast has an amazing adrenal tonic blend, ‘Jing,’ composed of medicinal mushrooms and herbs that can give you sustained energy and stabilized stress levels. Our mucuna powder can also be effective in combatting addiction; it has been known to have potent libido and mood-enhancing properties due to its effect on dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which, like serotonin, regulates mood. In modern times, mucuna (aka velvet bean) has been used as a supplement to re-balance the brain after indulging in alcohol and other drugs.

Sugar & Alcohol

Alcohol and sugar, too common culprits. Both of them weaken the immune system and contribute to chronic illness and other diseases. Gymnema is a great herb to reduce sugar cravings, and if you still feel like a triple then we recommend trying our Summertime Mood Elixir mixed in juice, for an energising buzzy effect.


Besides it being harmful to the respiratory tract and putting you at higher risk for health complications with the virus, smoking is harmful to your overall mental health. It may feel like it is helping you destress, but ultimately the stress comes from the craving of needing another. Smoking blends, such as our No Nic blend, can be really helpful here. Begin with mixing tobacco and the smoking herbs, and little by little cut back on the amount of tobacco and increase the amount of herbs until you are only smoking the herbs. This has a proven success rate with many of our customers so we hope it works for you as well if you are trying to let go of this habit. 

Again, smoking is detrimental to the respiratory tract so this is an important time to make sure your lungs are in optimal condition. Similar to our No Nic blend, the No Pot blend is specifically designed with addiction interrupters and relaxing herbs to ease you off cannabis.

Hopefully our learning tools can empower you to let go of some habits that do not serve your optimal health. With that said, we also cognise that when the body is dependent on something, withdrawal can be difficult. This is where our herb allies come in. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s guide on tips to detox your body, mind and space.

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