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Let’s face it…smoking is an unnatural, yet for many, an enjoyable habit.

Tobacco has been used by Central and South Americans as a narcotic since prehistoric times. The first European use of tobacco was by Spanish sailors who arrived on the Caribbean Islands of Tobago with Columbus in 1492. Tobacco was later introduced into Europe by the French ambassador Nicot (hence the name nicotine) and into England by Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. Tobacco rapidly gained widespread popularity despite severe laws forbidding it’s use by every authority at the time.

But back then it wasn’t so addictive as it was only natural tobacco smoked through pipes.

In the 17th century the Spanish invented rolling paper.

Then manufactured tobacco in pre-rolled cigarettes came onto the market.

The delivery method had now changed, causing tobacco to become more addictive.

But back in those days the manufacturers would at least add the herb COLTSFOOT to their tobacco to lessen the damage and the congestion of nicotine residue in their customers’ lungs.

Later on, the corporate evil of cigarette manufacturers overtook ethics and they manipulated their tobacco to make them more addictive by adding chemical ingredients. They also reduced the nicotine to make the brain crave for more of the clarity that tobacco brings.

I myself enjoy the occasional smoke, but it’s the addictive nature of tobacco that I don’t like.

When we first started the Happy Herb Co. the sale of organic tobacco was legal. I would have a stand at the Northern Rivers markets each month and customers would tell me they had not even finished their ounce of tobacco in that month, when normally they would go through 2 ounces of commercial tobacco per week!

So I happily sold them natural tobacco until the evil manufacturers lobbied the government (who were also missing out on their tobacco tax) and they came down hard on sellers; one could even lose one’s house as the penalty for dealing in natural tobacco!

As with many other banned herbs I was again outraged at the corruption and evil of this restriction, because people went back to their addictive, more harmful, manufactured, tailor-made cigarettes.

This worsened the situation for cannabis smokers who mixed their cannabis with tobacco. Cannabis itself is not physically addictive, but when combined with tobacco becomes so and causes even more damage to the lungs.

But of course the Happy Herb Co. is all about promoting alternatives to legal and illegal drugs, and we found that PASSIONFLOWER is the best interrupter for tobacco addiction.


We found that countless chainsmokers quit tobacco all together by weaning themselves off nicotine by smoking PASSIONFLOWER when they needed to. PASSIONFLOWER became very popular for this reason, but unlike cigarette companies who have addicted customers, we lost those customers because we helped stop their addiction and they didn’t need to continue buying our product.

Some tobacco addicts smoked PASSIONFLOWER in the morning and refrained from cigarettes for the rest of the day, or the more popular method was to smoke PASSIONFLOWER sparingly as a crutch to get them past their craving and habit of smoking.

Yet the benefits of PASSIONFLOWER as an interrupter for nicotine addiction were never broadcasted and we were not allowed to make claims in this regard. In fact, the TGA soon banned PASSIONFLOWER CIGARETTES…would you believe?! All because an officer in the Townsville army smoked a PASSIONFLOWER cigarette and said it made him feel sleepy at the wheel – what a load of crap.

We still sell PASSIONFLOWER as a dried herb, great for smoking or drinking steeped as a tea, and it is also in our NO NIC smoking blend along with DAMIANA and other helpful herbs for interrupting addiction.


The whole raison d’être of the Happy Herb Co. came about when I first smoked DAMIANA; it gave me a happy feeling and the thought came to my mind immediately: ’Wow I could smoke damiana instead of cannabis!’

A friend of mine used DAMIANA to quit tobacco too. Although some people like smoking DAMIANA I find it a little bit too hot in my throat, but at least it helps many people get off their addiction to cannabis and nicotine.

DAMIANA also makes for a great alcohol alternative due to its uplifting and de-stressing properties. Substitue your evening beverage with a cup of Damiana (and even passionflower) tea and I bet you’ll wake up rested without a brain fog!


As I get older, probably because of smoking in my earlier life, I find my lungs are more affected by the smoking of burning hot cinders.

But then along came vaping…and what a wonderful safe way to enjoy the alertness of nicotine, or the relaxation and creativity of cannabis, allowing only cool vapour into the lungs and not burning hot cinders.

Then in America (always in America) people started to die from vaping. The latest count is 17 deaths and 800 people in hospital.

The most recent assessment is that the wrong oils are being used (most likely Vitamin E) in black market cannabis vapour pipes.

Although the actual cause still has to be determined, the latest investigations reveal that clandestine cannabis and nicotine vaping manufacturers have been using Vitamin E oil and other harmful additives in their vapours to bring down the production costs and boost profits.

Please let me assure you that our Happy Herb Co. vapes do not contain Vitamin E oil or any other harmful additives for that matter.

Our authorised vapes have never created a problem and we have been selling them for years as a safer alternative to smoking dried herb.

But as the Happy Herb Co. is focused on health, we can no longer be associated with e-cigarettes (flavoured, non-addictive vapours) in light of the 800 cases of lung infections and 17 deaths at last count.

Even though we do believe it’s related to unauthorised manufacturers of cannabis and also nicotine e-cigarettes and there hasn’t been a problem with our flavoured oil vapours themselves, we have decided to completely get out of the vapour oil industry.

I myself was never into oil flavoured vapours anyway. Instead, I recommend a new product which suits our purpose really well: a dried herb vaporising pipe that uses a normal flame and vaporiser heat transfer which automatically clicks on and off in response to the correct heat.

This amazing DRIED HERB VAPORISER is called DYNAVAP-VAPCAP and soon available from the HappyHerbShops!

In declaring this we reiterate we have never had a problem in Australia or overseas with our branded vaporisers; it’s just that we are not replenishing them because of the reasons described above, and we feel there are better, healthier options for our customers.



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