Port Douglas Happy Herbs

 3/34 Macrossan St
Port Douglas QLD 4877
07 4099 6313

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Mon -Thurs 10:30am to 5:30pm
Friday 10:30am to 6pm
Saturday 10:30am to 6pm
Sun 10:30am to 5:30pm




More about Port Douglas Happy Herbs


Our friendly staff can assist you with all your health needs, herbal queries and can inform you about safe and FUN party alternatives. We sell a variety of unique gifts, local cards, henna tattoo kits, incense, hemp food and oils, superfoods, super sea minerals, romance herbs, sleep herbs, EcoTan, herbal tonics & tinctures, smoking herbs, party alternatives, and more.

We also stock the amazing Magical Butter machine! With this easy to use device you can make your own oils, butters & tinctures! Come in and have a look. We hope to meet you soon 🙂

Advice from the Port Douglas Happy Herbs team

What product can you not live without?
Can we say the entire range of dried herbs? There really is a herb that’s good for everything, from helping you to relax, to stay energised, to get to sleep, to connect with your lover;)

What is your secret to a vital life?
Empower yourself through knowledge. The more you learn about your own health and happiness needs, and find what works for you, the more power you have over your own life.

In store features


  • Helpful and non-judgemental herbal health and natural alternatives advice from our highly knowledgeable and passionate staff.
  • Luxury Teas, Snifters, Spagyrics, Tinctures, Tonics & Dried Herbs
  • Party supplements
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Detox herbs
  • Energy boosters
  • Sleep enhancers
  • Immune boosters
  • Mood enhancers
  • Digestion aids
  • Adaptogens
  • Essential oils
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Body products
  • Books & cards
  • Ritual & magic products
  • Incense

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