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The Gentle Power of Herbs

By Antony Ednie

For most of us, our experience of using medicine has been conditioned by a society dominated by the pharmaceutical paradigm of synthetic medication. This industry specialises in producing powerful medications developed by very aggressive processes of extraction and isolation of natural or synthetic compounds. What many of us have come to realise is that this approach can have negative consequences. Not only are there often unpleasant side effects or ‘contraindications’ as they like to call them, but also these medicines target the symptoms rather than the cause of illness. Often there is no real healing, rather just a masking over effect that leads to dependence and hopelessness.

Despite this, many of us still remember and foster the ancient art of healing with herbs as an alternative. The medications available from Nature are very diverse and many of them are very powerful, especially when used under the direction of an experienced herbal healer. Nature, by design – has provided us with medicines that work through harmony, balance and integration to remedy not only symptoms, but the cause of diseases also. I am calling this the ‘Gentle Power of Herbs’. There is a wisdom passed down from our ancestors that teaches us about the ‘Power of the Gentle’.

It is a power that through its ceaseless and regular activity penetrates deeply towards its goal. It is because of its lack of force that it is not resisted, and while its action may be slow, it can be more effective and long lasting than the use of direct force.

The parable of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind here!

We can see the quality of gentleness in the very nature of herbs themselves. It is through the ceaseless and regular action of the sun and moon that the herb gently pushes its roots deep into the earth and gradually extends its branches into the sky. Slowly, but unfailingly, the herb approaches maturity and its healing qualities increase and become ripe in their potency. Given the right conditions for life, herbs unceasingly seek to attain this purpose.

Likewise we can use the ‘Power of the Gentle’ in the effective use of herbal medications. Like the sun and moon if we do not falter in the regular and unceasing use of the medicine, its healing effects will penetrate slowly and deeply into the organs of our body. Effective and permanent transformational healing can be attained in this way.

Often we may find ourselves questioning the effectiveness of an herbal remedy because its effects are not easily discernible. In respect to herbs of this type we must try and understand and make a commitment to the principle of the Gentle. Consistency and patience are the instruments of success. Regularity in dosage and timing imitates the action of the sun and moon. The healing action of the herbs will grow within you as the season develops and you will be surprised to find that one day, almost unnoticed the benefits will have become actualised.

While your herbal therapist will recommend the best herbal medicines for your particular condition and expect you to follow their directions with consistency and patience you can also start self medicating with the ‘Gentle Power of Herbs’ yourself. We can use Herbs not just for the healing of disease but for strengthening our physical and psychological health for better functioning in day to day life and for prevention of disease forming in the future.

When we pay attention to ourselves we can often sense our weaknesses and anticipate what is needed. Take a look at the Happy Herb Company range of Spagyric herbal supplements for inspirational formulas. There are so many to choose from. These alchemical tinctures are full of potency and only a few drops constitute a single dose. Not only are they great value for money in this respect, but it makes it so much easier to achieve consistency and regularity in your herbal healing practise compared to brewing tea or ingesting powders.

Here a few suggestions that I have found useful in the past:

  • Students may like to add Brahmi and/or the Memory & Cognition blend to their daily routine to imbibe the mental clarity, memory and focus required for meeting learning goals.
  • Feeling stressed? Ashwagandha is highly recommended to give you back that edge to stay present and calm through the constant management of daily challenges.
  • Sore eyes? Bilberry and/or Eagle Eyes are brilliant solutions to the weary symptoms of excessive computer use fatigue.
  • Going Hard? Strength and Endurance blend has a combination of some very effective herbs, or try Acai Berry Spagyric for its nutritional and antioxidant benefits.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of the Happy Herb Company and supporting our vision for a better world. Let us be Gentle on the world, on ourselves and each other and learn from the wisdom that Herbs teach and celebrate the “Power of the Gentle.”

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