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It seems patients often get negative reactions from doctors when they hear that a herbal or natural treatment works. This really bothers me for many reasons, but the biggest one– aren’t doctors supposed to be healers?

If doctors were truly interested in our wellbeing they would be more than keen to know what helped their patients with their conditions. Regardless of the treatment being natural or not. If it works, it works.

Sadly, the only real conclusion that can be drawn here is that some doctors are simply glorified drug dealers.

The below experiences with effective herbal remedies and the doctors denial of such must be broadcasted.

First case from Tim*:
“I was diagnosed with diabetes around 6 months ago. My doctor put me on Diabex and had been sending me off to see a podiatrist and opthomologist. I had to purchase all the testing equipment, etc…it’s not cheap being a diabetic, I read somewhere the average cost for the individual is around $5k per year all up, which is not a bad earn for the pharmaceutical health industry when you consider how many diabetics there are.

Over the 6 months of pharmaceutical treatment I got my blood sugar into target range once (below 8 on the test machine I had to purchase).

But then I noticed a sign saying Naturopath on duty at a health food shop.

I went in and discussed my condition with the naturopath, she concocted me a liquid made up of GYMNEMEA, FENUGREEK, FRINGETREE, BILLBERRY and CINNAMON.

Within 2 days of taking the concoction my blood sugar had dropped to the target range and now hovers around 5.5 – 6.5. I have thrown the Diabex in the bin.
I went back to my doctor and told him my blood sugar levels, he got really excited, he patted me on the back and shook my hand, at which point I told him I wasn’t taking Diabex, the result was due to a herbal formula.

My doctor of 20 plus years changed instantly, he became very rude and belligerent, to the point I got up and walked out, we have since agreed that he will no longer be my doctor!”


By the way, Tim, herbal STEVIA also happens to lower blood sugar levels.

Anyway when I told my mum of Tim’s experience, she said, “Ray, remember when my blood pressure was too high and I didn’t like the side effects I felt the next day after taking the doctors prescribed medication. Well you put me on to HAWTHORN BERRY which I ground up in my coffee grinder and drank with coffee. Anyway within a week my blood pressure dropped to normal!”

Her doctor of 20 years was pleased until she told him that she wasn’t taking the medication and he completely denied the fact it was because she had taken a herbal remedy and worse, he didn’t even want to know what it was!!!

Which reminds me of the time when I was running my first Happy Herb Shop in Nimbin. After a Rainbow Festival in the area many people from the festival became sick with Giardia.

Second Case from Bec*:  

I was once told by a South American Amazon woman PAU D’ARCO is good for anything from the belly button down. My infected customers took the herb as a tea and their Giardia soon disappeared.

One of my customers thought she should go to her doctor, as her six year old daughter was also infected and thought she’d seek her medical doctor’s advice first. The doctor told her there was nothing much that could be done and to wait out the two weeks and it will disappear.

My customer said, “That’s not right! There’s a herb at the Happy Herb Shop that is helping all my friends!”

He said angrily, “What! I’m a medical doctor and you’re telling me this rubbish! Get out of my offices right now!”

The reason I heard this story is because she then came over to Happy Herbs and bought PAU D’ARCO — within two days her daughter’s Giardia went away!

The Hard Reality

As I always say- if these doctors were really interested in your health, you would think they would be interested in what cures you, whether it’s herbal, homeopathic, witchcraft, woo woo, placebo or not!

There was a recent alarming experience when a friend of mine took her 10-year-old Autistic son to a psychiatrist. The child told the psychiatrist he quite often thinks of killing himself. So the psychiatrist then said that the child must take some medicine. Shockingly he told the mother that he would prescribe ZOLOFT.  This awful drug has so many bad effects and has probably actually caused a lot of suicides that wouldn’t have happened without the medication. He told the mother that Zoloft has become unpopular for adults, but it hasn’t been used much on kids, so why not try for her son?! He looked at the 10-year-old child and said, “Now please remember when you are on this medication I do not want you to kill yourself. Remember if you get these feelings don’t kill yourself! You should come and see me again if you feel like killing yourself.”

What will the poor kid remember?

The words- “kill yourself.”

This bad advice is unbelievable I know, but it’s real and it happened last month.

The sad truth is that there are many such stories out there in allopathic world.

If you have got any of your own, I would really appreciate it if you could please message them to me so we can shed light on this harsh reality together!


*Names have been changed to protect identities of individuals

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