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vital mind smoothie


This is one smart smoothie 🧠🤓 Blend yummy fruits with herbs for cognition, memory, focus, & overall brain health! Great for an intelligent start to your day, or an uplifting afternoon study/work aid📚

Plant-based & gluten-free.


1 cup Bananas 🍌
1 cup Frozen Mango 🥭
1 cup Nut Milk 🥛
1 tsp matcha powder 🔗
1 tsp spirulina 🔗
1 tsp Superfeast Neural Nectar 🔗 (or you can add Lions Mane 🔗 & Mucuna powder 🔗)
10 drops Memory & Cognition spagyric 🔗

Simply blend together & turn your brain ON! 🧠⚡️

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