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Learn about Arnica

Botanical name: Arnica montana
Other names:

Arnica is one of the most trusted remedies for bruises and sprains. Not to be taken internally, except in homeopathic preparations, it is often used topically as a cream or salve. It is used to relieve the pain of rheumatism, sore muscles, bruises, strains or any case of pain and inflammation, but avoid using it on broken skin.

Preparation: Use cream or salve topically, avoid broken skin. Use homeopathic remedies as directed.

Reference: David Hoffman (2003), Medical Herbalism, pp.529-30.

Arnica Common Uses

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Arnica Precautions

Do not use internally, except as homeopathic. Avoid broken skin. Can cause allergic dermatitis in people with allergies to the Daisy family (compositae).

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