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Accredited herbalist Tamara Welsh is here to help bring your health and heart back into balance. Read her latest posts or get in touch for a private consultation.

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Tamara Welsh is a qualified and accredited herbalist who is passionate about health and wellbeing.


“My practice style is relaxed and compassionate. I try to draw on ancient knowledge paired with the latest scientific research to create diet and lifestyle plans and herbal treatment formulas to help support and improve all systems in the body.”

Contact Tamara via [email protected] if you wish to book a consultation which will be performed via phone or video call. Your initial 75-minute consultation** will involve a comprehensive overview of your general health as well as discussing and addressing your specific health priorities.

This initial consultation creates a therapeutic space to dive deeply into the challenges of your health and wellbeing, and create a strategy to healing.

Shortly after your session you’ll receive a detailed treatment plan that may include supplements, diet & lifestyle recommendations, and herbal remedies. Herbal remedies may be in the form of extracts, teas, pill, capsules or topical applications such as balms, creams and washes.

Follow up consultations are based on your needs and are designed to support you on your healing journey. Tamara will happily work alongside your doctor and other health care practitioners to ensure you are receiving a safe and streamlined treatment.

**Introductory offer for Happy Herb Co customers only: $70 AUD for initial 75min consultation (regularly $130 AUD)**

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Trauma support formulas for our community

In response to the recent flood disasters we have created 3 herbal tinctures that will be distributed around the community resilience centers and pop up healing spaces.

We have formulated them in a way that we believe to be the best support for the people around us who are working around the clock to clean up, help others and restore services to the area. These 3 formulas are aimed to assist with SLEEP, STRESS and STAMINA.

Our SLEEP blend contains herbs well known to help relieve an anxious mind and tired body. California poppy assists with body aches and pains, emotional stress and aids sleep. Passionflower, Valerian and Skullcap have been included to help with both falling asleep and staying asleep during the night, and Lemon balm to calm both the mind and the digestive system to support a good night’s rest.

STRESS Herbs can be so helpful in times of acute and chronic stress. Adaptogens such as Ashwagandha and Siberian ginseng have been included in our STRESS blend for their ability to increase the body’s resistance to physical, environmental or biological stress and promote normal function. Damiana is our favourite anti anxiety herb which reduces blood pressure and combines well with Blue Lily for a blissful experience.  This formula has a relaxing yet non sedative effect on the mind and body.

Our STAMINA formula is designed to help those who just need to push through during this challenging period without overstimulating the nervous systems. Ginkgo biloba and Gotu kola promote circulation and cognition, bringing fresh oxygen to the brain and tissues. Mucuna and Rhodiola stimulate physical and mental performance and combine well with Siberian ginseng to support the adrenals and immune system function.


These tinctures have been created using a cold drip extraction method which combines the herbs with water and grape ethanol. For best results consume directly or add to a small amount of water.   If you prefer not to consume any alcohol then you may add the suggested use to hot water to evaporate off the ethanol. Adding to a small amount of pulpy fruit juice will aid in the taste.

Please reach out to our herbalist if you have any questions or are needing some extra support during these times.

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