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As part of our commitment to being an environmentally sustainable business, and being about more than just profit, we made the shift to home compostable packaging for our herb and tea blends. Home compostable means you can put your empty packaging in a home compost bin, or green bin where it will decompose and become organic rich soil.

This is a great alternative to regular compostable packaging, which can only decompose in commercial composting facilities.

Some facts about the packaging:

  • Happy Herb Co is one of the first companies to use compostable pre-made bags in Australia
  • All components of the packaging have been accredited as home compostable, so they have been independently tested to safely break down, which means Happy Herb Co bags will not contribute to the toxins that petroleum-derived plastics leave in our environment.
  • Films used in our packaging have been made from FSC and PEFC sustainable sources, and are GMO-free.
  • Happy Herb Co packaging does not contribute to supporting the fossil fuel industry with oil-derived plastics
  • Certified Compostable packaging can be organically recycled, unlike plastic recycling has a value add for the waste collection stream, which burdens the community with higher processing and resource recovery costs.
  • Compostable products fit more cost-effectively in the circular economy
  • If our packaging falls outside the waste collection stream, it will break down safely
“I’m really excited about our home compostable packaging!
It’s been a labor of love getting it absolutely right. It’s plant-based. It’s got a whole food, so it had to be a really good professional film that could last for years and years. But the great thing about it is you can put it in your home compost.
The reason why we choose home compostable instead of biodegradable and normal compostable is you actually need a professional/commercial compost compost to break those down. And they can still end up in the ocean as microplastics…
So that’s why it’s really important for us to do the home compostable. All you gotta do is peel the label off and place in your home compost bin. In 26 weeks time, it’s going to return to the earth, ready to feed your herbs.”
– Laura, CEO of Happy Herb Co

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