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Learn about Horsetail

Botanical name: Equisetum spp.
Other names:

Horsetail is an ancient, nonflowering plant that grows on wet sand and is therefore extremely high in silica. Known as “vegetable silicon”, this herb is useful for silica-deficiency issues. These include: weak hair, split ends, fungus under the nails, and weak, ridged and cracked nails. Horsetail also has a powerful strengthening effect on the body’s connective tissues and in the healing of broken bones, both of which require lots of silica.

Horsetail is beneficial to the health of the urinary tract and is a nourishing diuretic. Its toning and astringent actions make it invaluable in the treatment of incontinence and bed-wetting in children.

Preparation: Using 1-2 teaspoons of dried herb per cup of water, simmer covered for 10 minutes and take as a tea. May also be used to make a bath for rheumatic pains.

Reference: Matthew Wood (2008), The Earthwise Herbal, p244, David Hoffmann (1995), Medical Herbalism, p547.


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Horsetail Precautions

A rare allergic reaction is possible in people susceptible to nicotine, as horsetail contains a small amount of nicotine as hapten.

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