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Learn about Peppermint

Botanical name: Mentha x piperita
Other names:

Peppermint is one of the most popular herbal teas, well known to ease digestion and soothe the nerves. It helps expel gas from the intestines, relaxes stomach muscles, stimulates bile and digestive juices and acts as a mild anaesthetic to the stomach wall. These properties make it a valuable remedy for intestinal colic, flatulence, nausea and general digestive disturbances.

It is also traditionally used for fevers, colds, and influenza, and can also be inhaled to relieve sinus congestion. Peppermint can ease headaches, anxiety and tension.

Peppermint contains properties that give it a number of other potential health benefits. It is known to have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, so can be effectively used as a cleansing agent on the skin and to help fight bacterial infections. It is also known to have decongestant properties, so can be a potentially effective treatment for a number of respiratory disorders. A known analgesic, peppermint can help with pain relief, but all cases are individual so use this product for pain at your own thresh-hold.

Peppermint tea may also be an ideal study aid for students and help commuters drive more safely. In one study, just the aroma of peppermint tea was shown to help students remain alert and focused when studying. In another study, peppermint tea helped drivers stay alert and relaxed in traffic.

Preparation:  1 tsp / cup, steep covered 10 minutes.Drink as needed.

Reference: David Hoffman (1990), The New Holistic Herbal, p.222., Matthew Wood (2008), The Earthwise Herbal, p.345-348., http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/article/the_health_benefits_of_peppermint_tea

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