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Happy Herb Shop, West End

3/83 Vulture Street
West End, QLD 4101

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(07) 3844 6323
[email protected]

Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 3:00pm



About Happy Herb Shop, West End

At West End Happy Herb Shop, we are creating a community hub contributing to education, transformation and fulfilment, providing natural integrated healthcare and holistic well-being, while promoting the appreciation, education, benefits, culture and freedom for all plants and herbs.

We have created a space where all are welcome to come in explore the world of herbs, where customers are empowered by an expanded awareness of themselves and healthful options into raising their wellness, fulfilment and inspiration in life. A place to consider our products as components of complementary and alternative medicines and supplements to assist holistic well-being and to promote and support a more expanded and empowered version of themselves.

We offer a wide range of products with expert knowledge, advice and ever friendly service.

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In-Store Features

• Herbs for health, vitality and wellbeing, including Happy Herb’s own huge range of spagyrics
• Herbs for energy, relaxation, balance, and stress relief.
• Herbs for romance, libido and fertility
• Herbs for dreaming, magic, ritual and ceremonial use
• Happy Herb’s famous range of smoking blends, including mixes for helping to quit smoking too!
• Rolling papers and blunts.
• Shishas and molasses, vapes and juices
• Party products for safe, legal fun
• Super foods including medicinal mushrooms, hemp products, moringa, phytoplanktons, spirulina and more.
• Natural first aid, many well-being supplements, and quality alternative medicines.
• Quality Indian, Japanese and Tibet incense, incense holders and accessories, including sage, mugwort and other smudges, palo santo, resins, powders, charcoals and censers
• Fire twirling gear, including staffs, poi, LED staffs and LED poi, practice poi and firelight fuel.
• Natural soaps, moisturisers, body cleansers, scrubs, hair and body care.
• Books and journals
• Oracle and tarot cards
• Sustainable and eco-sensitive products; bamboo, steel and glass, water bottles, charcoal infused toothbrushes, tea infusers, thermoses, gorgeous leather water bottle cases, reusable straws and cleaners, menstrual cups, re-usable bamboo cutlery with carry packs, muslin veggie and produce bags, beeswax wraps and more
• Gifts: teapots and cups, candles, salt lamps, dream catchers and sun catchers, funky badges, clothes, scarves, hemp textiles, bags, statues, bells, singing bowls, prayer flags, henna and more
• Titanium, plastic and wood body piercing jewellery
• Essential, perfumes, and massage oils

Meet The Team


Herb Enthusiast

Joining the Happy Herb company has given me the opportunity and support to educate and empower myself in learning about the health-giving aspects of plants and herbs. Bringing this knowledge and our quality products into the community has allowed me to see first hand the positive effects these can have on people’s lives, and serving the community in this way has provided so much inspiration and many beautiful and profound connections with people.

Spending my days in the environment of the shop has opened my eyes to the human condition and the relevance of our relationship with plants and nature and how this reflects on our wellbeing and sense of connection with life.

I appreciate knowing that I am part of a company that promotes sustainable action with a focus on social enterprise and strives to make conscious business decisions that benefit both the environment and the community. Despite how easily accessible the help and support that herbs and medicinal plants provide for our wellbeing – mental, spiritual and physical – I have become aware of a void of natural and alternative medicine in everyday society and of the difficulty involved in sourcing quality herbs and medicine plants, and I hope to further share the knowledge I have gained to aid others to holistically support their health and lives using natural medicine in the future.


Herb Enthusiast

If you were on a desert island and could only have one herbal product to sustain you, what would it be?!
I’m assuming we also have access to edible natives- I would probably go for Reishi – immune boosting, calming, strengthening, improves cognitive activity, it would give me most of the tools to figure out how to best survive under the conditions!

What’s the one piece of herbal wisdom you want everyone to know?
I wish everybody knew how incredibly magical herbs are and just how accessible they, and education about them is.

What’s your favourite Happy Herb for everyday vitality?
I fluctuate between Reishi and Herb Robert being my daily herb for wellbeing and vitality.

If herbs are the answer, what’s the question?
Every single political issue ever. Uniting nations, healthcare, malnourishment, education, energy, global warming; Plants are the answer to everything, when you really think about it and bring it back to simple terms.

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