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One Stop Quit Shop

One Stop Quit Shop

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 07/26/2016 - 11:05 -- Ray

The idea of HAPPY HERBS being "ONE STOP QUIT SHOPS" came sometime ago when I became aware that what our shops were really about-helping people with alternatives to drugs,both legal or illegal and to assist them in reducing and/or quitting their abuse or overuse of drugs. (By the way it seems the word addiction is a politically incorrect word nowadays, so it is best to use the words drug abuse or drug dependence instead).

Anyway I first put up a "One stop quit shop" sign many years ago at a festival and then Mind Body Spirit exhibitions and then Sexpo's. I soon found that many people specifically came over to the stalls asking “Can you help me get off cigarettes, pot, sleeping pills, sugar etc.” and it opened us up to another aspect of our business.  

Some people wrongly believed that Happy High Herbs was just another way of selling legal drugs. Of course we did sell legal high alternatives for a long time, but then "highs" became a dirty word, especially when the sex shops tried to copy what we were doing and made a bad job of it; so much so that we changed our company name to the Happy Herb company instead of Happy High Herbs!

Then all the laws changed and now unfortunately most of the state laws forbid us to offer alternatives to drugs and we can't mention the word "high" anymore! Crazy but true.

As our big marketing strategy was indeed the herbal "high" side of the business, we now have to remain fairly subtle on this aspect- but in a way the "one stop quit shop" signs in our shops are virtually saying that we do indeed have a way to quit or reduce the use of nicotine (especially as the taxes are going up now!),sugar,cannabis, ecstasy, etc. 

We are now in the process of upgrading our image towards the herbal medical side of our business more than getting high - please watch this exciting space!

We will be presenting an image of what the HAPPY HERB COMPANY really does - what our real mission is, and that is to help people and certainly to assist people with reducing or quitting their drug abuse, irrespective of the drugs being legal or illegal.

Love Ray


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