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Botanical name: Eschscholzia californica
Other names:

California poppy has a reputation of being a milder, non-addictive alternative to other poppies, and can be used for pain relief, anxiety and hysteria.

The native Americans use California poppy for colic, sleeplessness and griping stomach pains. It is often used to counter excitability and nervousness in children, and has promise for hyperactive children as well. When used as a tea before bed, California poppy promotes long, restful sleep and is often used as a treatment for insomnia. This wonderful herb can also be smoked for relaxation.

As it is completely safe, mild and non-addictive, this gentle poppy is completely legal and has the potential to be of benefit in assisting with opiate addiction and withdrawal: drinking strong tea or smoking the herb as often as needed, has been used to help overcome heroine, morphine and opium cravings. It has also been known to assist in interrupting cannabis and tobacco habits.

Preparation: Boiling water onto 2-3 teaspoons of herb, steep for 5-10 minutes. Drink 3 times daily.

Reference: Ray Thorpe (2005), Happy High Herbs, p15; David Hoffman (1995), The New Holistic Herbal, p186; Michael Tierra (1998), Planetary Herbology, p356

California Poppy

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Avoid in pregnancy and breastfeeding. May increase activity of Benzodiazapines and CNS depressants- use with caution. Long-term use not recommended. Use with caution in depression.

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