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Why is Damiana one of our favourite herbs for happiness?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you might already know that Damiana is the cornerstone of Happy Herb Co’s philosophy and included in many products. Its uplifting, relaxing, blissful, mood-enhancing, and happy vibes were the original inspiration behind the creation of our company, and it continues to be a beloved herb among our customers and staff. Of course, it is most famous as an aphrodisiac, but it also is excellent for relieving anxiety and depression, works wonders for PMS, and is great for simply increasing joy in your everyday life! 

Traditional Aphrodisiac with Modern Benefits

Damiana, scientifically known as Turnera diffusa (syn. aphrodisiaca), has a rich history of use. Traditionally, it was employed by the Aztecs to address issues like infertility and low libido. Its reputation as a potent aphrodisiac has been well-documented, and continues to be a favourite. It features in our Sensual tea blend, with other aphrodisiac herbs, but even on its own, it works wonders to get you in the mood! 

However, to just think of Damiana as an aphrodisiac herb is extremely limiting, and overlooks some of its most powerful benefits. Recent studies and anecdotal evidence have unveiled a much broader spectrum of benefits, particularly for mood and mental health.

Mood Enhancement and Emotional Well-being

One of the reasons Damiana is so cherished is due to its mild effects on the psyche. Consuming Damiana as a tea, tincture or smoke can result in a gentle uplift in mood, providing a sense of emotional well-being that can last for up to one and a half hours. It’s not just about the physical benefits; Damiana helps create a mental state conducive to relaxation and happiness. We highly recommend unwinding at the end of a stressful day with some Damiana tea. The herb’s calming effects can help emotional stress, and help you deal with the ups and downs of life with more ease and grace. It also makes a great alternative to alcohol, to ease social inhibitions, improve mood and relax the mind and body. 

Natural Stress Relief

Our customers have shared their positive experiences using Damiana as a non-addictive option for stress relief. Here is one of our faves:

“My Favourite Herb – Damiana is the first herb I ever tried and it still stands as my favourite. It makes you so happy! It’s soft and yummy, can be used in a tea or smoked. Great for addiction and quitting because of the happy effect. Have also found it great for balancing my hormones (works for all genders), personally I took it for about 6 weeks of regular use to have zero pain and symptoms during menstruating. Highly recommend is great for so many uses.”

Clinical research supports these testimonials, showing that Damiana extracts possess “significant anxiolytic activity.” This means Damiana can help reduce anxiety, making it a valuable herb for those dealing with daily stressors.  Herbalists also regard it as a nervine tonic, which means it not only relaxes the nervous system, but strengthens it over time. 

Potential Antidepressant Effects

Beyond anxiety relief, Damiana may also be beneficial for alleviating some mood symptoms associated with depression. Research suggests that compounds found in Damiana have properties that can help improve mood and emotional balance. This is corroborated by anecdotal evidence from many happy customers. 

Alternative to Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis

One of the most popular uses of Damiana amongst our customers and staff is as an alternative to alcohol, tobacco or cannabis. As a rolling herb, it makes a smooth, tasty and relaxing smoke, and is included in many of our blends, including No Nic and No Pot. As a tea, tincture or spagyric, Damiana is a great addition to mocktails, or take it straight to help ease social anxiety, improve mood, relax the body and mind and replace the need for booze.

Kidney Tonic & Mild Laxative

Damiana is also regarded as a kidney tonic and mild diuretic, helping to improve the health of the kidneys by promoting urination. It is also used as a gentle laxative, helping to regulate bowel movements (see our ‘Moving it Right Along’ Tea blend recipe link below).

Versatile Ways to Enjoy Damiana

There are various ways to incorporate Damiana into your routine:

    • Tea: Brew a soothing cup of damiana tea to enjoy its relaxing effects. It features in our Sensual Tea Blend, which is great to share with a lover, or even sip by yourself in the bath! It also features in our Moontime Tea Blend formulated to help relieve the symptoms of PMS, as well as our Vibrancy Tea Blend to boost energy and mood! Or try some of these inspiring tea recipes featuring Damiana:
    • Liquid Extracts: A few drops of Damiana tincture or spagyric can be added to water or juice for a quick and convenient dose. Try our new Damiana Delight tincture, our Damiana Spagyric, or some SensualiTea.
    • Smoking: Damiana is used as a spin, or smoked on its own for its uplifting and relaxing effects. It features in many of our herbal smoking blends as well, including No Pot, No Nic, Hoochie Coochie, Magic Mull Mix, Daydream, Chilled Out and California Dreaming! (Yes – we love it as a smoking herb, and many of our customers have used it successfully to quit tobacco and cannabis!)
  • Mocktails & More: We highly recommend our alcohol-free mocktail recipe for Damiana Mojito! It’s a refreshing and tasty way to experience the herb’s benefits. Or try this fun Party Punch recipe for the holidays, or anytime of year! Get sexy with this divine Orgasmic Love Potion.

Our Commitment to Your Well-being

At Happy Herb Co, our mission is to ensure everyone feels good about themselves and their mental health, no matter what they are going through or where they are in life. We believe in the power of natural remedies like Damiana to promote a positive state of mind and overall well-being.

Try it yourself!

Try Damiana for yourself by exploring our selection of products available at your local Happy Herb Shop or on our online store. Whether you prefer it as a tea, tincture, or part of a herbal blend, we’re confident you’ll find Damiana to be a wonderful addition to your wellness routine.

Learn More

If you’re interested in the scientific research behind Damiana’s effects, we encourage you to look into studies such as:


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