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The fundamental reason for starting the Happy Herb Company was for education about harm reduction, getting people off addictions and as a showcase for drug law reform.

I’ve always been passionate about this – drug laws are unfair and unnecessarily penalising. They make criminals out of innocent people.

People need guidance on drugs!! They should be available and prescribed like Prozac and Ritalin with proper drug counselors and trained practitioners that can give advice to avoid misuse and abuse. Regulated and prescribed drug law reform will abolish the black market trade altogether and put a stop to underground groups/gangs cashing in, as drugs will be cheaper, legally available and regulated under prescription.

I am so passionate about this that I now formally announce that I am standing for the NSW Senate for the Drug Law Reform party this year!

Drug addiction is a serious health issue which should not fall under the criminal framework. Our current policy only adds to the harms of drug use while isolating users and discouraging people from seeking treatment.


Portugal decriminalised drugs in 2001, and they have seen tremendous improvements as a result. Drug use has declined among people aged 15 to 24 (the demographic most at risk for initiating drug use). Drug-related deaths have decreased steeply, and the rate of HIV among injection drug users has been steadily declining. Incarceration rates have declined massively, and far more people are seeking treatment for addiction.


All substances, like current legal pharmaceuticals, should be prescribed, regulated and taxed.

They should be prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner or specially trained drug counsellor.

All prescriptions should be individually encoded with the packaging to prevent illicit distribution, particularly to the underaged, and real-time pharmaceutical monitoring should be in place to prevent abuse.

All illicit drug manufacture and distribution should remain prohibited with stricter penalties than are in force now.


Every year we spend $1.2 billion enforcing drug laws. Think of the impact this money could have if we spent it developing support and treatment for addicts, along with the many millions of dollars received from the taxing of such substances.




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