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Black Friday Rebellion – Join us in the Green Friday Movement and turn your Happy Herb purchases into a gift for a better world.  Together we will be feeding the homeless, regenerating our native bushlands, and protecting the oceans with the help of three wonderful non-profits. 

Starting Nov 23rd – Nov 30th – Let’s go #Green4Good!

Why don’t we like Black Friday?? The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It has since evolved to be the biggest shopping day of the year, with over $11.9 billion in online sales on Black Friday 2019. How much of that was ‘Made in China’ and now sitting in a landfill?

The promise for high revenue has resulted in excessive waste and unnecessary consumerism, with companies creating new products specifically for Black Friday, using extra shipping resources, materials, and unnecessary waste, etc.  This makes us sad, and as a retailer, we take a risk by taking a stand against this, but we choose to shine a light on a better way and encourage you to join us in sharing this message.

Black Friday is appealing because everyone loves that feeling of getting something for nothing, but what if you could do this AND enhance your footprint on the world!  So we have come up with a very special week of giving.

We are inviting you to elevate your consciousness and join us in the Green Friday Movement, where every transaction aims to improve your environmental footprint and care for humankind. Instead of offering discounts for each sale, we are offering you an opportunity to contribute to a better world.

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How does it work?  

With every purchase, YOU CHOOSE your favourite cause, WE DONATE to that charity, EVERYDAY for an entire week!

Starting on Thursday November 23rd until November 30th, you will get to choose which one of the following gifts you would like us to donate on your behalf.

Plant A Tree

We have partnered with an Australian biodiversity organisation Carbon Neutral that specialises in native trees and regeneration. For every order that chooses this option, we will plant one tree.

Feed The Homeless

At home in the Northern Rivers where our Happy HQ resides, we are working closely with a local community group Heart2Heart Project that cooks and hand delivers vegetarian food to our homeless shelters.  We will donate a healthy meal for every purchase that selects this option.

Protect the Ocean

This year, we’ve chosen the Coral Sea Foundation as the beneficiary for all those that choose to protect the ocean. For every purchase that selects this option, we’ll donate to their Sea Women Great Barrier Reef program, “To empower indigenous women from Great Barrier Reef sea-country with the practical marine science skills and the marine conservation knowledge they need to be more effective advocates for sustainable management of their marine resources, both within their communities and the broader society.”

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