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TADAAAA!! We’ve got a new look!

Introducing…Happy Herb Co, new and improved!!

Truly exciting for us, and not just because this beautiful new logo is going to make products look awesome when we roll out our brilliant new compostable packaging!

It’s exciting because this marks the beginning of our next chapter at Happy Herb Co. 

We’re getting set to spread the word of the herb like never before!


Like people, businesses evolve, and we’re no exception. We’ve been supporting a community and promoting herb-based health for 25 years. 25 years of sharing knowledge, of plant freedom activism, and of delectable herbal products for wellbeing and fun-having! 

From the seeds planted and nurtured by founder and tireless herb activist Ray Thorpe, at a little market stall in the town of Uki – to a household name with 55 stores around the world including the U.S., England and New Caledonia (and of course 23 stores across Australia), this evolution has brought us closer to our passion, and reaffirmed our dedication to our mission. 

On a mission

We are committed to sharing knowledge about herbs and their benefits, to support people in finding healthier herbal solutions for everyone’s unique needs, and to fight for our rights to have access to nature’s bountiful medicine cabinet – the wonderful world of herbs!

We believe that with knowledge and access to herbal products, people can change their lives, their communities, and the world for the better. We believe in our right to choose what we put into our bodies, how we relate to each other, and the planet.

With herbs for nutrition, wellbeing, ceremony, reconnection with nature, conscious partying, or breaking addiction – we are on this journey of change with you.

Through our business and the non-profit projects we support, we commit to sharing knowledge and providing products that support healthy living, heal communities, and protect the environment.

Herbal Rebels Unite!

Through our political activism, knowledge-sharing, and by supplying a really comprehensive range of herbs from all over the world, we fight for a properly informed, empowered public.

Over the years, we have fought for plant freedom– we have been an active voice against governments control and restriciton on people’s use of plants for medicinal or recreational purposes. Being an active member of our community and society is a big part of our original mission and we are continuing our history as a political force by aligning our activism with the current issues at hand– especially with direct action to address the global climate crisis. 

Connection to the Source 

We believe in utmost respect respect for all life on this planet. With some major shifts including our new home compostable packaging, we’re evolving and living fully by our values to do the best we can for both our customers and the planet. We are trying to advance as a responsible organization doing its part to care for and give back to our home. 

Learn, share, connect, and discover 

Our community has been with us all this time, believed in our intentions, and loved our products. Now, we’re set to grow and expand this community into a truly global web of support and awareness for herbalism. 

Our new (and very much improved) website and online store is going live this September, making it easier than ever to access the most comprehensive online herb resource available. 

Learn about herbs, share your own knowledge, connect with a vast community, and discover ways to empower your community and enhance your health, all whilst promoting sustainable, ethical, and heart-based living practices!

We continue to sell the highest quality herbs, teas, smoking alternatives, elixirs, energy boosters, mood enhancers, aphrodisiacs, and tinctures on the market. 

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