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By Lainie Chait

A query came from my daughter the other day:

“Your grandson Fletch was pretty bad yesterday afternoon with soaring temperatures, crying etc. Went to hospital. Back at doctor with him today.

It turns out he has fluid behind his eardrum. On very strong meds, booked to see a specialist in Jan due to his ear problems. What do you think? Home remedies?”

My answer:

I visited him with my home remedy medicine kit including Propolis and Croton Latex (Dragons Blood), as ear infections can be dangerous but he seemed better by then.

A good home remedy is onion sliced as a poultice overnight to draw out the moisture. I also use liquid bandage soaked in cotton wool into the ear or propolis even to kill the infection.

Also mullein extract from a naturopath/herbalist into the ear works as well.

Sadly I have never found doctors to be successful in this area.

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