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The creators of our much-loved tincture Love Bubble are back at it again with a brand new range of epic herbal tinctures. 🌟

This collection expands on the original products such as our best-seller Love Bubble, including a Kanna Kava tincture & Love Bubble/Euphoric Bliss Party Blend. It also brings in some new offerings as well, which  are currently available in our online marketplace and some of our local shops! Click ‘Learn More’ to get to know the latest additions to Happy Herb Co.

Let’s take a look at some of the fresh offerings from their EPIC new range.


sera-tonin, magic mixes, elixirs, tincture, herbal tincture

Feel your inner smile glowing. May be used as a daily supplement or mood lifter on the spot.

Content: Multiversal Love Energy, Happiness bark, Trimethylglysine (TMG), St Johns wort, Rose, Muira puama, Kola nut.

Hints of flower essences: Warritah and Red Granvillia

Love Bubble – Euphoric Bliss Party Blend

love bubble, blue lily
Raise your BLISS to higher grounds. This elixir is a mix of two of our favourites – Love Bubble and Euphoric Bliss.

Content:  Multiversal Love Energy, Blue lotus, Red lily, Wild lettuce, Sinicuichi, Vanilla extract, Piper methisticum, Passion flower, Oats green, Cinnamon

Hints of flower essence: Red lily, Fringed Violet, Crowea, Little Flannel Flower, and Pink Flannel Flower

Opiated Sensations

opiated sensations, magic mixes herbal elixir

At the end of a stressful day or if you are wanting to settle before meditation or yoga, unwind, relax and bliss out with this wonderful mix of herbs. It is a great elixir to use by yourself or with a loving friend or partner.

Content: Jamaican dogwood, California Poppy

Hints of flower essence: Dog rose of the wild forces

Kanna Kava

kanna kava magic mixes herbal elixir

Feel like uplifting your day? This elixir will bring some good vibes and positivity to whatever you are doing.

Content: Kanna (Sceletium tortuosom), Kava (Piper methysticum)

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